Wash Post's Kurtz Profiles Michelle Malkin

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz gives readers of today's Style page a look at conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, and his portrait, at least to my eye, painted conservative blogger and author as paranoid, vindictive, obsessive and shrill.

Read and judge for yourselves.

This line was particularly annoying to me:

Over lunch at a Filipino cafe at Union Station, Malkin, who has two young children, is charming one moment and pugnacious the next.

I'd argue her charm as a blogger and author is entwined in her pugnacious personality.

What's more, can you imagine Kurtz or another media critic saying the same of feisty liberal pundits, like say Maureen Dowd?

Update 02:01 by Matthew Sheffield: Speaking of Dowd, here's a profile Kurtz wrote about her in 2005. Nowhere does he admit the obvious, that she's a lefty.

UPDATE (09:21 EST): For a more thorough critique of Kurtz's piece, check out See-Dubya's take at Hot Air.:

Kurtz goes on to dwell on her outrageous pugnacious in-your-faceousness, and doesn’t give Michelle much credit for being anything but a controversialist.


ONE MORE THING: We’re just coming off a major story about the two
blushing songbirds John Edwards hired and fired as campaign bloggers.
Kurtz’s “Michelle Malkin as Lone Wolf McQuade” piece looks utterly
risible when you compare Michelle to those genuinely venomous and bitter characters who just exited the national spotlight, stage left.

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