Cronkite's Continuing Crusade

This isn't exactly news since he's been saying the same thing to anyone who'll listen for the past 20 years, but Walter Cronkite is a very upset man. You may have heard this before so I've taken the liberty of translating the former CBSer's remarks to keep it interesting:

Pressures by media companies to generate ever-greater profits are
threatening the very freedom the nation was built upon, former CBS News
anchor Walter Cronkite warned Thursday.

In a keynote address at Columbia University, Cronkite said
today’s journalists face greater challenges than those from his
generation. No longer could journalists count on their employers to
provide the necessary resources, he said, “to expose truths that
powerful politicians and special interests often did not want exposed.”

Translation: Journalists are no longer as able to spout leftist talking points and pass it off as news like they did in the days of Egbert "Edward" Murrow.

Instead, he said, “they face rounds and rounds of job cuts and cost cuts that require them to do ever more with ever less.”

“In this information age and the very complicated world in which
we live today, the need for high-quality reporting is greater than
ever,” he told journalism students and professionals at Columbia’s
Graduate School of Journalism. “It’s not just the journalist’s job at
risk here. It’s American democracy. It is freedom.”

Translation: Bush will kill us all. I am certain of this as my life is boring.

Cronkite said news accuracy has declined because of consolidations
and closures that have left many American towns with only one
newspaper. And as broadcasters cut budgets and air time for news, he
said, “we’re all left with a sound bite culture that turns political
campaigns into political theater.”

The former anchor urged owners of media companies — newspapers
and broadcast alike — to recognize they have special civil

“Consolidation and cost cutting may be good for the bottom line
in the short term but that isn’t necessarily good for the country or
the health of the news business in the long term,” he said.

Translation: Media companies need to realize it's their civic duty to propagandize on behalf of world government liberalism.

Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield, creator of NewsBusters and president of Dialog New Media, an internet marketing and design firm, left NewsBusters at the end of 2013