New Media War Begins: Mark Levin Tears Keith Olbermann Apart

“Countdown” host Keith Olbermann made a huge mistake last Thursday night: he chose to make radio host Mark Levin “The Worst Person in the World” for nominating Rush Limbaugh as a potential Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

In response, Levin spent a large part of his show on Friday ripping this abomination apart. Audio links are available here and here courtesy of our friend at Olbermann Watch (h/t Dan at Riehl World View).

Before clicking on these links, please be advised that Levin went after Olbermann with guns blazing, and discussed at length allegations of an unsatisfactory tryst in a hotel room with an unhappy female fan that was reported in the New York Post last October. As such, the reader is warned about potentially offensive content.

That said, for those with a sense of humor, and who have a serious distaste for Olbermann -- maybe more important, NBC News for presenting this disgrace on national television as a serious journalist -- are going to have a great time listening to the Great One rip this man apart. Also, pay particular attention to Levin giving credit to the Media Research Center for some of his information.

You took on the wrong guy, Keith; you're way out of your league.

Have fun, all.

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