Hillary Heckled by Anti-war Activists at DNC Meeting

As NewsBuster Mark Finkelstein reported, Hillary Clinton, speaking at the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting, talked about a Hugo Chavez-like plan to take profits away from America’s oil companies for a “strategic energy fund.” At the same event, Hillary was heckled by the crowd for her position on the Iraq war.

Think that might be covered by the broadcast networks during their evening news programs tonight?

As reported by the liberal blog Raw Story:

Earlier today, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) was heckled at the DNC winter meeting by audience members who are unhappy with her stance on the war in Iraq.

Clinton, who voted in 2002 to give President Bush the right to use force to overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime, spoke today of the non-binding resolution that will appear before the Senate next week as the first time the Democrats will "tell the president, 'no!'"

However, her speech was nearly derailed by a handful of guests in attendance shouting "make it binding!" and "how about you bring them home."

Any bets on whether that video footage makes it on to the primetime news programs this evening?

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