On 'The O'Reilly Factor,' MRC/NB's Tim Graham Cites NBC's Bias

NewsBusters Senior Editor Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis at the MRC, appeared Monday night with Wall Street analyst Charles Payne on FNC's O'Reilly Factor. Topic: The controversy over CNBC's Maria Bartiromo using a jet owned by CitiCorp. Tim used the opportunity to pivot to a wider discussion of liberal bias at NBC News, citing how NBC was the first to pounce on John Sununu for using corporate jets during 41's term, how NBC News is now pounding away at the irrelevance of President George W. Bush and how the Today show is the most slanted morning show.

Video clip of Graham's exchange with O'Reilly (2:15): Real (3.8 MB) or Windows Media (4.4 MB), plus MP3 audio (800 KB)

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