Brush With 'Big Chill Hillary' Leaves a Mark

Lynn Sweet has seen an angry Hillary up close and personal, and it left a mark, as you can see by the screen capture of Sweet describing that moment. You can't get much more mainstream than Sweet: D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, columnist for The Hill, a weekly newspaper that covers the Congress, member of the National Press Club and the Gridiron Club.

Appearing on this afternoon's Hardball, Sweet was discussing the incident in which Hillary, in Iowa, jokingly referred to having experience with "evil men." The question naturally arose as to whether Hillary was alluding to Bill.

View video here.

Asked host Chris Matthews: "She hasn't actually said yet, has she, that wasn't joking about Bill, has she?"

That's when Sweet described her brush with love-minus-zero Hillary:

"No. She said 'oh, come on,' because somebody said specifically somebody in the audience, in the interview, said 'is this the bad Bill' that she was talking about?"

Continued Sweet: "She then gave a big chill look, boy, that is icy, when you see that coming, that's, ooh!"

Note: My sincere apologies to Lynn Sweet for the screencap. I posted it only because it showed her reaction to Big Chill Hillary and thus went to the essence of the story. Here's hoping I'll soon have the occasion to post a more representative shot of the charming, pleasant Ms. Sweet.

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