Post Picks Up Radio Lefty Ed Schultz's Demand for Hillary Time

After a cozy recounting of the launch of The Politico newspaper (run by ex-Posties), Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz noted leftist radio host Ed Schultz's complaint that Hillary Clinton is inaccessible, and passed on the official response from Team Hillary: "Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines says his boss has 'happily appeared' on Schultz's show at least half a dozen times, including her first national radio interview after being reelected."

That's apparently not enough. On Friday morning's Bill Press radio show, Schultz complained that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has appeared on his show 16 times in the last ten months. He apparently wants frequent access -- and he said it only makes sense, since Hillary was so crucial in creating progressive talk radio. He also slammed John Kerry, believing he would have done better in 2004 with more progressive radio interviews. Ed Schultz, king-maker?

Schultz also said a version of that on MSNBC Thursday afternoon on Tucker:

CARLSON:  Quickly Ed, do you see the netroots, as they call them --you know, the activity left spends a lot of time online in their undershorts, you know, talking to one another on their computer -- Do you see them supporting Hillary Clinton? 

SCHULTZ:  No, I don‘t.  And I think Hillary has got trouble with base Democrats right now.  She said the other day that she is going to be accessible.  I would like to know what that a means.  Holding more rallies, doing more TV interviews.  She needs to do what conservatives have done, solidify the base on talk road.  They better get with it.  I guarantee you, you go interview John Kerry, and ask him what mistake he made in 2004, he didn‘t talk to the base on radio. I am a radio guy, but I believe that.

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