After Week of Anti-‘24’ Hysteria Media Ignore 'Less Conservative' Episode 5

As reported by NewsBusters here, here, here, here, and here, the media were foaming at the mouth last week about the hit television series “24” being a “neocon sex fantasy.” Yet, these same press outlets seemed less interested this week to report on the not-so conservative themes present in Episode 5 (video teaser available here courtesy of our friend at Ms Underestimated).

Maybe the greatest example of this glaring hypocrisy was how the terrorist introduced in Episode 1, Hamri al-Assad, was brought to the American government’s Counterterrorism Unit in Los Angeles to be debriefed by the head of the division. Almost straight out of the landmark film “Dr. Strangelove,” this fictional mortal enemy was suddenly right in the heart of the nation’s defense structure, and by the end of the episode, was shaking hands with Bill Buchanan, the head of CTU-Los Angeles.

Not exactly a conservative theme welcoming former terrorist leaders into the fold, wouldn’t you agree?

Furthermore, early in this episode, we were introduced to a new character named Darren McCarthy who, judging by his accent, seemed either British or Australian. Regardless, this clearly non-Arabic “gentleman” was a key equipment supplier of the terrorists that set off the nuclear bomb in Episode 4.

A little later on, the President and his advisors discussed a list of countries that might be involved in the bombing. In a clear example of political correctness, the names of the countries were not divulged.

To be sure, it would have been absurd if the script did otherwise. However, given the media complaints about this show being an extension of the Bush administration, it seems that if such contentions were accurate, countries that are clearly America’s enemies such as Korea and Iran would have been named.

Also during this meeting, one of the President’s military advisors suggested attacking one or several of these countries, but was quickly shot down by the President. Once again, this seems to be somewhat contrary to the media’s constant carping about supposed “neo-conservatives” and their power over President Bush.

Furthermore, at one point in this episode, one of the President’s chief advisors suggested that Muslims in America begin to be rounded up for the safekeeping of the population. The President shot this suggestion down as well.

Finally, as the episode moved to a conclusion, we learned that the hero’s (Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland) American father and/or brother conceivably were involved with this terrorist plot. At least, that’s what we were led to believe.

In the end, there were a significant number of elements in this episode which clearly don’t fit into the media’s view of “neo-conservative” counterterrorist principles. Yet, the press outlets that rabidly complained about such existing in the opening four episodes chose not to inform the public about what happened in this one.

Any guesses as to why?

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.