Obama on GMA: 'I Majored in International Relations'

Q. How do you know a presidential candidate has thin national-security credentials?

A. When he has to cite his undergraduate major as evidence of his experience.

Barack Obama made the morning show rounds today. The amiable Robin Roberts interviewed him on ABC's Good Morning America. Inevitably, talk turned to his presidential prospects.

Roberts: "You're calling for a slight withdrawal of troops and I need to ask you this -- are you concerned that your lack of experience, when it comes to foreign policy, may hurt your chances in the run for the White House?" [Note Robin's apologetic "I need to ask you."]

Obama: "Well, actually, my experience in foreign policy is probably more diverse than most others in the field. I'm somebody who has actually lived overseas, somebody who has studied overseas. I majored in international relations. But ultimately, foreign policy is really about judgment and having a since first and fore most of the strengths of America and the American people and being able to talk with them about what our values and ideals are and also having an understanding of what that world beyond our borders is like. That's something that I feel very confident about."

According to his Wikipedia entry, "Obama studied for two years at Occidental College in California and then transferred to Columbia University where he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations." What kind of world-view do you think was inculcated in international-relations major Obama at hyper-liberal Columbia?

I'm disappointed Robin didn't ask the obvious follow-ups: "OK, you majored in international relations. But were you a member of the chess club? Ever been to Epcot Center?"

Aside: Obama boasted that in contrast with his competitors, "I'm somebody who has actually lived overseas." Perhaps Barack forgot that John McCain "lived overseas" too -- if you want to call 5/12 years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton "living."

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Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.