Cokie Not in Clinton Claque: 'Anger and Coldness Work Against Her' [Video]

Don't look for ABC's Cokie Roberts to turn up anytime soon on that comfy couch featured in Hillary's announcement video, enjoying one of those cozy "conversations" Clinton claims to want.

Appearing on This Week today, Roberts left little doubt that she views Hillary as a seriously flawed candidate - if not person. Roberts began by damning Hillary with faint praise:

"I think she's got a lot of great attributes: she's a very disciplined candidate, she's very smart, she can raise more money than God, she has a terrific staff, she's been through a presidential campaign or two and knows how rough it is, which is really important as everyone at this table knows. And I think that all works for her."

Roberts than inserted the shiv: "What works against her is that issue of anger. And not just anger, sort of coldness."

View video here.

When host George Stephanopoulos pointed out that the warm 'n fuzzy video announcemnent video sought to address Hillary's frosty image, Cokie countered:

"Saturday Night Live last night just nailed it, and this is going to be the problem she has. It was a fake Chris Matthews show with Darryl Hammond, and the Hillary person is saying all these sweet and lovely things, and

then they ask about Obama and she goes off, and it's bleeped, and I think that's going to be the image that's out there."


SNL segment available at Hot Air.

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