CNN: Another Worship Service At the Obama Altar

CNN Saturday Morning News included the customary mainstream media genuflection to Senator Barack Obama. Anchor T.J. Holmes and senior national correspondent discussed Senator Hillary Clinton's announcement of an exploratory committee to examine her candidacy for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

HOLMES: "So, has Senator Barack Obama just really shaken things up in the Clinton camp to where they have to change things, shake things up, move a timetable up a little bit because of just the rock star power that this guy has and all the attention that he's generating?"

ROBERTS: "I think that Barack Obama really has changed the dynamic for the Clinton folks. . . Suddenly, in comes Barack Obama, steals a lot of the limelight. And he's just one of those guys that the spotlight loves. You know, he doesn't love the spotlight so much as the spotlight loves him, if you understand what I mean."

We understand exactly what John Roberts means. The spotlight, the one operated by the mainstream media, at least for the time is focused brightly on a liberal the mainstream media hopes might be electable.

With a little help from his friends and accomplices in the media, maybe he could be. We can anticipate many more discussions of rock star status, limelights and spotlights.