ABC's Gibson: Min Wage Hike a Long-Needed 'Raise' for 'Millions of Americans'

Chances are if you hate what you make at your job, you either ask the boss for a raise or seek a job that pays more. Chances are you don't wait 10 years for your pay to increase. But ABC's Charles Gibson apparently thinks millions of Americans are mired in a decade-long drought of minimum wage pay.

"After years of waiting, millions of Americans have reason tonight to plan on a pay raise. The House overwhelmingly voted late today to raise the minimum wage in stages from $5.15 an hour to $7.25," Gibson informed viewers as he introduced a story by reporter Dean Reynolds on the January 10 program.

Only thing is, it's just not true. I explain why here.

It also appears CNN's Miles O'Brien got his econ degree from the Charlie Gibson Correspondence School of Economics.

From today's "American Morning":

"Well, now it’s up to the Senate to decide if some working men and women in America should get a raise. House Democrats making good on a promise, passing a proposal to bump the minimum wage more than $2 to $7.25 an hour."

For a good snapshot of who exactly earns minimum wage, here's some data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

UPDATE: Christine Hall, formerly of and now working for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is in a little educational video that Charlie Gibson and Miles O would do well to watch. It's the first vid of this blog post at Human Events Online.

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