NB Part of WH Blog Conference; Tony Snow: 'Thank God for Blogs!'

"Thank God for blogs," said White House Press Secretary Tony Snow this afternoon, commenting on the Bush administration's communications efforts. The comment came in the course of a conference call for bloggers conducted this afternoon by Snow and Brett McGurk [pictured here], the National Security Council's Director for Iraq, giving a preview of President Bush's speech of tonight on Iraq. I had the opportunity to participate on behalf on NewsBusters.

Snow described the problem with the traditional media - generously I would say - not in terms of bias but as a function of the "if it bleeds it leads" tendency.

Snow indicated that he reads the blogs represented in the conference call. It's clear that the White House views blogs, NewsBusters among them, as playing an important role in cutting through the MSM clutter. Snow also described the frustration of military people in Iraq with media coverage that does not comport with the reality they experience in the field. Snow predicted that service people would begin using their own video cameras and sites such as YouTube and LiveLeak to get the word out. Along those lines, I can say that one of the most empowering aspects of my recent trip to Iraq was the ability to put video up on NewsBusters, at times within an hour of events in the field, as with this report on a training exercise of Iraqi soldiers on the Euphrates river in Anbar province.

Among the encouraging details emerging from the conference call:

  • Combined Iraqi and US forces will remain in Baghdad neighborhoods "24/7" once they had been pacified, to ensure that security gains would be enduring.
  • Iraqi forces are expected to assume primary security responsibility in all of Iraq's 18 provinces by November, 2007.

Those interested in an advance look at what the President will be discussing tonight are encouraged to review this Q & A on the speech released this afternoon by the White House.

Mark was in Iraq in November. Contact him at mark@gunhill.net

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