Former WashPost-L.A. Times Man Scorns AP For 'Partisanship' In Iraq

In case you haven't seen it, over on The Corner, Jonah Goldberg shared correspondence on the AP's Jamil Hussein problem from Michael Schrage, a former reporter for the Washington Post and columnist for the Los Angeles Times unleashing on the "mainstream" media:

Subject: You are, indeed, missing something -

I wrote this piece for the washington post a year ago. It speaks for itself...but the jamail hussein saga is a classic example of unprofessional, plame-like hypocrisy by the AP...

They named their source - many, many times - and it was challenged...there
was a myriad of ways they could have handled the query: they could have
called in a favor and gotten one of the AP-member newspapers in iraq to
'interview' the guy to vouch; they could have done a podcast with the guy;
if the bloggers still insisted the guy was a fraud, then AP itself would be
literally accused of not just perpetrating a hoax but perpetuating one...

...the bottom line here is a vile hypocrisy: the msm will protect their own
people - jill carroll, for example - but they will freely publish the names
of vulnerable iraqis who are (were) sympathetic to the US...

...the principle here has nothing to do with truth, accuracy or public
safety - it has to do with partisanship...

to make a comparison from nro itself: it's nice that the new york times
has finally published a correction for its flawed Sunday magazine story
about abortion - isn't it a pity it wouldn't have done so without a column
from its ombudsman...likewise, it's wonderful that AP finally vouches for
their source - isn't it a pity that it does so in a manner that increases
the man's vulnerability...?

...partisan - and unprofessional...

Michael schrage
(ex-washington post)

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis