Caught on Tape: James Brolin Touts 9/11 Conspiracy Website on 'The View'

The Christmas break replay season offered a chance to catch up on shocking episodes of "The View" on ABC. On December 26, a replay of the December 6 program gave viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones the chance to see James Brolin pitch a government-set-up-9/11 website: "Can I tell you to have a look at And then wait until I see you next time." The first broadcast was blocked in the East due to doting live coverage of the Iraq Study Group report release. (The eagle eyes at Hot Air lamented the dropout at the time. Hey, maybe that event was a government conspiracy to silence Brolin....) Video: Real (1.7MB) or Windows (1.9 MB)Plus: MP3 (292KB) The transcript is below.

Brolin appeared to plug his performance as a conserative in the liberal gay-marriage-promoting A&E film "Wedding Wars" and to talk about how he and his wife Barbra Streisand enjoyed staying at Rosie O’Donnell’s mansion in Miami. After he joked about drinking her beer and how wonderful each one of his wife’s concerts were, and how she apparently "had never seen a motel" until he took her on a road trip, the exchange went like this:

Rosie: "Well, you play a politician, in this one, you've been playing politicians and brilliantly, lately in your career. A lot of different politicians."

Brolin: "Republicans, too, all. Huh? Huh?" [Knocks knuckles with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck]

Rosie: "That’s a stretch."

Co-host Joy Behar, sounding troubled at the knuckle-knocking: "Are you a Republican?"

Brolin, over crowd noise: "No. No."

Rosie expressed amazement to Behar that he could be GOP: "Married to Barbara?"

Behar: "You never know."

Brolin explained: "My grandmother and my grandfather, and my mother and father were Republicans. And I started thinking for myself." [Whoops and applause]

Behar: "Right."

Rosie: "Yes!"

Brolin, pointing and smiling at Hasselbeck: "Hello!"

Rosie: "Hello! There ya go!"

Hasselbeck tries to joke back that she "might have to recant" on comparing him to the "McSteamy" character on "Grey’s Anatomy," but Brolin just kept talking over her.

Brolin: "Hey, we’ve got to start wondering. We all used to hate each other, and you gotta start – I mean, we all used to get along. We were Americans. Now we're split and arguing. So who's fault is that, and what’s going wrong, and think about the issues."

Rosie: "Good point, Mister."

Behar: "We knows whose fault it is. Let's not pretend."

Then Brolin dropped the conspiracy bomb: "And for starters, can I tell you to have a look at And then wait until I see you next time."

Rosie sensed the danger: "We don't know what that is, but we know that ‘Wedding Wars’ airs Monday night on A&E. James Brolin, it’s delightful to see you. You are delightful just to know."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis