Matthews: Will Cheney Lie In Court, Is He Begging W For Pardon?

Chris Matthews's apparently inexorable plunge off the Olbermann end of the pool continued on Thursday's Hardball.

Matthews [seen in file photo] discussed the Scooter Libby trial with Newsweek investigative reporter Michael Isikoff and former associate independent counsel Scott Fredericksen. Matthews put it to Isikoff that the case against Libby is "open and shut," a conclusion that Isikoff declined to endorse.

Fredericksen stated that, to the contrary, there are many defenses available to Libby and that "you've got the Vice-President coming in to testify for him . . . you've got a darn good defense."

As Fredericksen continued to sketch a defense, Matthews interjected:

"Do you think Cheney is going to lie in court?"

Fredericksen - with Isikoff laughing nervously off-camera: "I would never suspect that our Vice-President is going to lie."


"Do you think Cheney has already been to the President of the United States begging for a pardon here?"

Isikoff opined that in light of the current political context - Iraq plus Dem control of Congress - a pardon for Libby was not in the cards.

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