Tuesday Funnies: David Zucker's Hilarious ISG Report Video -- Calling Neville Chamberlain!

Hollywood producer David Zucker has produced another uproariously hilarious video that has been posted at YouTube (must-see video available here, hat tip to NB reader "mattm"). In his most recent effort, Zucker lampoons the just-released Iraq Study Group report by comparing it to the failed attempt to appease Adolf Hitler with the 1938 Munich Accord.

Please bring your sense of humor, because Zucker makes a mockery of this study, its participants -- especially James Baker -- former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, and the madman in Iran.

Post script: Those that aren't familiar with Zucker would recognize comedy films that he has been involved with including Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane, Scary Movie 3 and 4, and Naked Gun. According to Wikipedia, Zucker was a life-long liberal Democrat who changed stripes in 2004 as a result of national security issues. A previous video of Zucker's (available here) featured Democrat appeasement of Kim Jong Il during the Clinton years.

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