Evening News 'Free Speech' Used To Scold Americans for Gas Guzzlers

The "Free Speech" segment for Friday's "Evening News" went to British auto columnist Mike Rutherford who complained that Americans don't know how "lucky" they are for the cheap petrol they put in their tanks.

“Sorry, America, but if you believe you’re paying too much for the fuel you put in your
automobiles, you’re not living in the real world,” griped Rutherford. Noting that American gasoline is priced “among the lowest on the planet,” he added that “here in England, the average price of a gallon of fuel is almost $8 in your money. And you’re complaining,” he rhetorically added before insisting Americans “don’t know how lucky” they are.

Of course luck has nothing to do with it.

The reason most Britons find fueling the lorry a pence-pinching experience is because ol' John Bull is a tax guzzler.

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