Rumsfeld Resignation Was Only a Matter of Time

The following story is printed in today's New York Times so you would hope that word of it will get out to rest of the liberal media: Bush did not get rid of Rumsfeld because of the Republicans' electoral losses. It was only a question of when, not if:

President Bush was moving by late summer toward removing Donald H. Rumsfeld as defense secretary, people inside and outside the White House said
Thursday. Weeks before Election Day, the essential question still open
was when, not whether, to make the move.

Mr. Bush
ultimately postponed action until after the election in part because of
concern that to remove Mr. Rumsfeld earlier could be interpreted by
critics as political opportunism or as ratifying their criticism of the
White House war plan in the heart of the campaign, the White House
insiders and outsiders said.

The White House has refused to
divulge the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that went into Mr. Rumsfeld’s
announced resignation on Wednesday. Those who were interviewed would
speak only on condition of anonymity, but included officials at the
White House and those in a close circle of outside advisers. They said
the administration had been engaged in painful off-again-on-again
discussions about Mr. Rumsfeld’s ouster for months, even as Mr. Bush
said repeatedly that Mr. Rumsfeld was his man for Iraq.

The delay in Mr. Rumsfeld’s departure was painful for some Republicans who have argued that his continued presence in the administration was
politically counterproductive. Some complained Thursday that the
resignation had come too late to be any help during an election in
which Mr. Rumsfeld became a whipping boy for Democratic, and eventually
some Republican, candidates.

Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield, creator of NewsBusters and president of Dialog New Media, an internet marketing and design firm, left NewsBusters at the end of 2013