Progress in Afghanistan Makes Miracle Turnaround in Three Days - Thanks to Democrats!

It's amazing how much better off the world is just knowing that Democrats have won control of Congress, isn't it? They haven't even taken control yet, and in 3 days, look how the prospects in Afghanistan have made an earth-shattering reversal.

Afghanistan on November 6, 2006 - the day before the election:

Poverty, anger with government fueling Taliban support in Afghanistan

...Many in Kandahar say their confidence in the government is falling, and some say that is helping fuel support for the Taliban....

Afghanistan on November 9, 2006 - two days after the election

Poll: Afghans express confidence in country's direction, security

Despite a raging pro-Taliban insurgency, the people of Afghanistan say they are optimistic about the future, satisfied with their young democracy and rank security low on their list of everyday concerns, according to a survey out today.

Gosh, I bet this means we can expect to hear news of how great our economy is now, or how well the war in Iraq is going.... all thanks to the Democrat victory!