Fox Highlights NewsBusters: 'Leading Mainstream Media Critic Blog'

In the Fox News Channel's “Buzz on the Blogs” segment at about 9:39pm EST Tuesday night, columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin began her look at blog critiques of election coverage by citing “grievances, mostly from the right side of the blogosphere, over the leak of exit polls and what they consider the premature calling of a lot of these races.” She then pointed to NewsBusters' take: “At, which is one of the leading mainstream media critic blogs, they've been highlighting the early calls in Pennsylvania.”

As Malkin spoke, viewers saw a split-screen of her and of this NewsBusters posting, “Polls Remain Open in Pennsylvania, But CBS Announces Casey Victory,” by Rich Noyes.

Video clip (1:07): Real (1.8 MB) or Windows Media (2.0 MB), plus MP3 audio (310 KB)

Later, Brit Hume said they weren't going to anounce Ohio while some of the polls were still open, for fear of "coming under criticism from NewsBusters" and other blogs.

Video MRC/NB News
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