Reynolds: 'Military Paper' Calling For Rummy Resignation Is Gannett Operation

On this morning's Meet The Press, Tim Russert tried to pass off the editorial in the "Army Times" and sister publications calling for Donald Rumsfeld's noggin as having some special significance.  RNCC Chairman Tom Reynolds didn't let him get away with it. Reynolds exposed those so-called "military newspapers" as nothing more than cogs in the Gannett chain, a member-in-good-standing of the MSM whose flagship paper is the reliably-liberal USA Today.

Russert flashed the panel of the editorial shown here, and asked Reynolds:

Video here.

"Do you believe it would be helpful [to have] a change at the top of the Pentagon?"

That's when Reynolds unleashed this salvo: 

"First of all, the Army Times editorial is written by its Gannett-owned newspaper, which is well-positioned [on the 'anti' side] in other editorial comment relative to the war.  And so the editorial writers may be coming from Virginia rather from the military, particularly because it's owned by Gannett."

Incoming, Tim!

Aside: For more on the Gannett connection and the way the MSM has spun the editorial, see items here and here by NewsBusters John Stephenson and Michael Bates. See here for the Pentagon's rebuttal of the editorial.

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