Media Shocker: New WaPo-ABC News Poll Shows GOP Gaining Strength

I’ve had to check and double-check the link on this one, sports fans, and highly imagine you’ll do the same. Irrespective of how implausible this seems, the Washington Post has just published results of a new poll it did with ABC News, and the numbers show quite a tightening in the public’s preference for Democrats and Republicans in the upcoming elections (hat tip to Strata Sphere).

In this most recent poll, Democrats were preferred to win the House next Tuesday 51 percent to the Republican’s 45 percent amongst likely voters, a margin of 6 percent. Two weeks ago, it was 55 to 41 percent, a 14 point margin. This is a huge decrease in just two weeks.

Checking that link about now? Well, there's more.

Right track/wrong track stats showed a large change as well. This was a 34 point spread favoring wrong track two weeks ago, shrinking to only a 20 point spread in this poll. Also showing movement was which party was preferred to handle conditions in Iraq. In the current poll, respondents rated the parties equally, with both getting 42 percent. This was an eight point improvement for Republicans in just two weeks.

It will be very interesting to see how this gets reported, especially by ABC tomorrow on “This Week” and “World News Tonight.”

Stay tuned.  

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