During MSNBC's 9 a.m. ET hour on Monday, analyst Steven Brill wanted to make sure everybody understood that ObamaCare is a “conservative” policy: "Let me just remind everyone, the reason that they're in so much trouble is that ObamaCare was a more conservative version of the Republicans' health care proposals...it was so conservative." He added: "The only reason they opposed ObamaCare was that it had the president's name on it. It was the proposal that Richard Nixon wanted.”

The mainstream media doesn’t understand pro-life Americans. They think you’re either stupid, uninformed, or some bizarre religious troglodyte opposing progress to satiate a deep lust for misogyny. Nowhere was this more evident than in Thursday morning’s bizarre tag team effort between the hosts on MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle.

If you had any doubts whether the MSNBC cable television channel is run by and for liberals and Democrats, political analyst Elise Jordan erased them during her appearance on MSNBC Live on Thursday, June 22, when she compared Donald Trump to a suicide bomber.

After journalists and celebrities gushed about gun control on Twitter after this morning’s shooting of GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, some members of the media took their partisan advocacy on air. MSNBC’s counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance admitted to anchor Brian Williams during the 11 am hour, that he cared less about the motives behind today’s shooting than how the shooter obtained his gun.


A Democratic candidate for the governorship in Maryland appeared on MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle Tuesday to further incite mayhem on the day’s already circus-like broadcast. Ruhle did her part in setting up the full-fledged #Resistance member Ross with typical leftist innuendos, decrying constitutionalists like Mark Levin as the “extreme right” capable of playing to the oft-maligned Trump “base”. Ross took the bait and, refused to be one-upped in shrill hysteria.

The Left, tireless crusaders for civil political expression, slaughtered another golden calf of verbal debauchery on Tuesday.

Stephanie Ruhle had Republican strategist Evan Siegfried on MSNBC Live hours before Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ public testimony to discuss the perceived institutional problems of the Republican congress. Siegfried didn’t hold up a beheaded effigy of the President, but he had the temerity to do something ostensibly worse: use the phrase “grow a pair”

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman appeared on MSNBC Live with Katy Tur to discuss the status of the President’s proposed immigration halt. Akerman, a respected legal mind, seemed to apply to the Supreme Court the bizarre charge of viewing cases as blank slates upon which history’s great injustices might be somehow repatriated, rather than the blind arbiter of constitutionality it was designed to be.

Immediately after the conclusion of the Comey hearing, Chris Matthews admitted his own bias in understanding and reporting allegations of Russian collusion. He argued that the hearing disproved many of those unfounded theories, most notably the stories initially published and advanced by the media that incorrectly alleged that there was an active investigation into the President's collusion with Russia. 

Yeehaw...or the whatever the goat-dominated equivalent of the trite rodeo cheer may be. Nicolle Wallace was on MSNBC Live, an antebellum carnival in its own right, Thursday following the Comey hearing to cover the fallout of the testimony. After talking about the "cutest" moments of the day and using "wacko" as an adjective, the former George W. Bush communications director claimed that the way the Trump administration is handling matters in the Russia investigation are reminiscent of a "goat rodeo":

Ali Velshi took a moment at the end of his broadcast Monday to parrot one of the Left’s favorite bumper stickers on the nature of Islamism. He gently turned to the camera, and offered to impart a much needed lesson upon the recalcitrant masses. These jihadists, aside from the mass body counts, broken families, and permanently disfigured survivors left in their wake, caused a scourge almost worse: intolerance.  

Bill Nye, the bow-tie wearing “Science Guy”, who, despite his degree in mechanical engineering, has somehow obtained clout as an expert on anthropogenic climate change, appeared with Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist on Stephanie Ruhle’s program on MSNBC Thursday morning to discuss the ramifications of President Trump’s reported plans to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. Notwithstanding his avowed commitment to obfuscating biological truths about gender in the name of science/leftism, Nye spoke with unequivocal scientific certainty about humanity’s impending doom.

Hillary Clinton came out of the woods to deliver another vicious anti-Trump speech Friday afternoon and the media couldn’t get enough of it. Clinton was delivering the commencement address at her alma mater Wellesley College, and both MSNBC and CNN took precious time out from their endless Russia conspiracy coverage to gush over the failed presidential candidate’s “fiery” “takedown” of our president