Thursday’s Morning Joe took the time to devote a whole segment to a new Netflix documentary entitled Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press. In discussion with the director, Brian Knappenberger, the panel lamented the supposed deplorable attacks by Donald Trump and his supporters on the media and First Amendment. Time was taken to mourn the demise of the "critical" news site Gawker, dead at the hands of Hulk Hogan, and Trump supporter Peter Thiel. “This seems so important,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said reverently of the conversation, “I am beginning to feel like everything he [Trump] far more serious than we could ever imagine.”

You read it here first. Two months ago -- and again last night -- NewsBusters pointed out that there was a major hole in the dominant media theory that GA-06 was a "solidly Republican" district that Republicans should be embarrassed about having to defend in yesterday's special election. In spite of Donald Trump just barely winning the district last November, many journalists and commentators touted former Republican Rep. Tom Price's landslide reelection from the same Election Day as evidence the district was still solidly Republican and that its coolness toward Trump was just an anomalous diversion from normalcy.

Television’s favorite news couple, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, continued to push the mainstream media narrative that Trump is responsible for the nation’s toxic political climate on Monday's Morning Joe. Reading from a New York Times piece by Frank Bruni, Brzezinski quoted, “Lately Trump and his children have been playing the victims of all of this, but save your tears. He has been an enormous part of the problem.” She was all too happy to agree with the sentiment, stating, “I think the difference now is that the President is a part of it....I think it’s fueling the fire.”

In the wake of the attack which injured Congressman Steve Scalise and several others, the mainstream media rushed to explain away the narrative that the shooter, James Hodgkinson, was a radical progressive who hated Republicans. They opted instead to lay the blame at the feet of a toxic political environment created by none other than President Donald Trump. Co-host Mika Brzezinski obsequiously did so on Thursday’s Morning Joe when she proclaimed, “What Bill Clinton did to the issue of sex to an entire generation, I believe this President is doing on issues of decency, on issues of conspiracy theories, on issues of fake news.”

Today is June 14, the birthday of President Donald Trump. Although Joe Scarborough is a big opponent of Trump, he at least wished him a "Happy Birthday" (with a caveat). Unfortunately that was a normal civility too far for his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinsky who scrunched up her face in distaste and shook her head negatively when invited by Scarborough to join in the birthday wish. So much for even an attempt at the "civil discourse" that liberals were demanding a few years ago before the era of angrily cursing became their new idea of discourse. 

Co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were still steaming about the Trump cabinet meeting on Wednesday’s Morning Joe. “They do not take an oath to Donald Trump,” Scarborough screeched, “They take an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America and if they don't understand that, they need to leave.” Brzezinski concurred before snobbishly stating later, “Talk about the lack of diversity in the White House, let me just say there are no real men in the inner circle of the White House, none at all.”  

The attorney generals of D.C. and Maryland arrived on the set of Morning Joe Tuesday to present their case for suing the Trump administration. It did not take long for their bias and animosity towards the President to become apparent, however. When asked about the basis for their legal action, D.C. Attorney General, Karl Racine, stated the following, “In a normal presidency, you would have the following checks and balances...the President checking himself...the staff checking the President...the Republican-controlled congress checking the President. We know that's not happening and so, it's the press, the Democratic Attorney Generals and others who are invoking the constitution and taking these things to court.”

Tuesday’s Morning Joe almost immediately began with a complete freak-out over the Trump administration’s cabinet meeting on Monday. Over the course of the meeting, cabinet members took time to thank and praise the President for his leadership and vision. “That is just sick,” co-host Mika Brzezinski declared in a disgusted tone. Lover and fellow co-host Joe Scarborough eagerly followed the lead of his fiancé, exclaiming, “That is the most sick, shameful, pathetic, un-American, autocratic display.” The duo then proceeded to decry the perceived brown nosing while seemingly forgetting entirely their own instances of blatant sycophancy.  

Following President Trump’s declaration of support for NATO last Friday the cast of Morning Joe denounced and decried the President on Monday for -- not supporting NATO? Nicolle Wallace bemoaned the current state of foreign relations and how Donald Trump was ‘lying about the value of alliances’ to his voters. Joe Scarborough attempted to explain NATO's intrinsic value and how it had been created, not because of Europe, but by Americans, ‘being selfish.’  Wallace later castigated Trump even further by scathingly declaring that, “The real disservice he's done the soldiers who rely on alliances so that they don't fight wars alone.”

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters arrived on the scene of Monday’s Morning Joe to continue propagating the mainstream media narrative denying that James Comey has made contradictory statements regarding alleged interference by the Trump administration in the Russia investigation. Despite the then-FBI Director testifying before Congress in May that he had not experienced any political attempt to squash the inquiry, Peters argued it was "fake news" to point out that fact.

Joe Scarborough, the GOP representative-turned- MSNBC-host was up to no good, bloviating on the Morning Joe program Friday morning about James Comey’s Thurday testimony.

Prior to the hearing of former FBI director James Comey, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski launched into an uncontrolled rant over her hatred of President Donald Trump. Her tirade proved so great as to create visible discomfort among other members of the show’s panel including lover and co-host, Joe Scarborough. Scarborough himself became so uncomfortable that he at one point even ventured to state, “I need an eject button.”