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By Paul Bremmer | | June 6, 2013 | 4:21 PM EDT

It seems that the media cannot resist spitting on the Romneys when they are down. On last Saturday’s Weekends with Alex Witt, Ms. Witt decided to cover Ann Romney’s recent interview with CBS This Morning as part of her end-of-show The Big 3 segment. Witt played a clip from that interview in which Romney bemoaned Americans’ lack of trust in their government due to the current scandals.

After the clip, Witt tag-teamed with liberal journalist Patricia Murphy, editor of Citizen Jane Politics, to bash the Romneys for re-entering the national political conversation. “Patricia, too early for the Romneys to resurface?" Witt inquired. "You think the public really wants to hear from them after the last election?" she asked, a not-so-subtle way of passive-aggressively wishing the Romneys would crawl into a hole. [Video below. MP3 audio here.]

By Kyle Drennen | | June 6, 2013 | 4:02 PM EDT

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd cheered President Obama picking Susan Rice to be his new national security advisor and nominating Samantha Power as U.N. ambassador: "They are now among the most powerful women in the American foreign policy community. Behind-the-scenes power players now front and center."

Amid sound bites of Obama praising both women, Todd joined in extolling their accomplishments: "Both come with a long list of impressive credentials. Rice, a Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar with a Ph.D. from Oxford. In 1990's she served as assistant secretary of state in the Clinton administration. Power is a human rights expert and Pulitzer Prize-winning author; she's also the mother of two young children."

By Jack Coleman | | June 6, 2013 | 3:46 PM EDT

Given that his grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, was one of the most notorious appeasers of the last century, you'd think Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might refrain from maligning anyone else as a Nazi sympathizer.

Turns out it wasn't just Grampa Joe with a soft spot for Der Fuhrer -- so did his second eldest son and future president John F. Kennedy during trips to Germany as a young man, according to a new book, "John F. Kennedy -- Among the Germans: Travel Diaries and Letters, 1937-1945." (Audio after the jump)

By Matt Hadro | | June 6, 2013 | 1:21 PM EDT

Both NBC and CBS led their Thursday morning shows with news that the Obama administration has secretly obtained the phone records of millions of Americans, but ABC's Good Morning America started its show reporting on Tropical Storm Andrea in Florida instead.

Overall, Thursday's two hour-long GMA spent less than three minutes total on the phone tracking story, giving over five times more coverage to the attempted suicide of Michael Jackson's daughter Paris. Back in 2006, however, ABC showed far more scrutiny to a similar story of the Bush administration tracking phone calls.

By Katie Yoder | | June 6, 2013 | 1:00 PM EDT

Modern, new, different: this is ABC’s way of rebranding the traditional American family with mistresses, lesbians, and even surrogate mothers. 

Just this week, two ABC shows, “Mistresses” and “The Fosters,” premiered by parading the glamour of cheating and the normality of a lesbian couple raising – wait for it – both a kid from previous heterosexual marriage plus adopted and foster children.

By Lauren Enk | | June 6, 2013 | 12:01 PM EDT

Yet another famous Hollywood face is pushing for gun control. “I cannot understand the people who are against some form of gun control,” insisted legendary actor Kirk Douglas on the Huffington Post yesterday.

“America’s cowboy days are over,” wrote the 96-year-old Douglas. Mentioning that “some crazy fan” had given him an engraved gun, Douglas, who often played cowboys, announced unhappily that America has “become a cowboy country with too many guns.”

By Jeffrey Meyer | | June 6, 2013 | 11:52 AM EDT

After briefly criticizing President Obama for the recent scandals surrounding his administration a few weeks ago, MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews is back to his usual role of playing cheerleader for the Obama administration. Appearing on the June 5 program, Matthews showed his audience that the “thrill up his leg” feeling he has towards Obama is clearly back.

Speaking with The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and The Daily Beast’s Peter Beinart, Matthews went on a tirade against Republicans continued opposition to Susan Rice, Obama’s newest National Security Advisor, asking Howard Fineman:

By Noel Sheppard | | June 6, 2013 | 11:09 AM EDT

This is some pretty funny stuff.

At a Congressional hearing into the Internal Revenue Service scandal Thursday, Farias Fink, the head of the Small Business and Self-Employed Division who played Spock in the IRS's infamous Star Trek parody, apologized for the videos his organization created:

By Noel Sheppard | | June 6, 2013 | 11:02 AM EDT

NewsBusters reported Wednesday that MSNBC's Martin Bashir disgracefully accused Republicans of using the acronym "IRS" as the latest racist dog whistle in their "war against the black man in the White House."

It turns out that Bashir used a selectively edited quote of former Reagan aide Lee Atwater to make his pathetic case.

By Katie Yoder | | June 6, 2013 | 10:42 AM EDT

Having marriage issues? It might be due to your unnatural monogamy, according to Yahoo – or rather, a woman who previously studied men’s relationships with love dolls and edible sex toys.

Yahoo featured “The 5 Compelling Reasons Why Marriage Wasn’t Meant to Be Monogamous” on its front page, although the article originally appeared on a pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle site – Disney’s

By Mike Ciandella | | June 6, 2013 | 10:30 AM EDT

On Friday, CNN profiled liberal billionaire George Soros for their “Fast Facts,” calling him “one of the most successful investment financiers in the world” and an “active philanthropist.” The segment failed fail to note his massive contributions to lefty politics, or his calls for an “open society” that sound Orwellian at best.

The CNN profile highlighted key moments from Soros’s life, including his birth, immigration to the U.S. from Hungary, and major financial milestones in his road to becoming one of the wealthiest men on the planet. The only political donation that CNN mentioned at all was $1 million that Soros gave to promote marijuana legalization in California and Arizona.

That didn’t even hint at his vast political influence – even just promoting marijuana legalization. As of 2011, Soros gave more than $31 million to the Drug Policy Alliance.

By Tim Graham | | June 6, 2013 | 9:01 AM EDT

The Washington Post played a game of “Hide the Benghazi” in its front-page story on Obama nominating Susan Rice to be the new National Security Adviser. The headline beat around the bush: “Obama signals new approach on national security: A Bigger U.S. Role Abroad. In shuffle, Rice replaces Donilon as adviser.”

Reporter Scott Wilson announced “a major shuffle” and “an ideological shift” (let’s guess toward more humanitarian intervention). But you’d have to wait until paragraph twenty-two for the B-word:

By Tim Graham | | June 6, 2013 | 8:39 AM EDT

The Agency for International Development was created to provide “economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States.” Under the Obama administration, that means spreading “gay rights” activism with our tax dollars. Now that's really separating church and state.

The gay Washington Blade newspaper carried the front-page headline "U.S. Promoting LGBT Rights Abroad." Reporter Michael Lavers touted “The first training as part of a USAID-backed public-private partnership designed to promote LGBT rights around the world” would happen in Colombia May 30 to June 2.

By Mark Finkelstein | | June 6, 2013 | 8:34 AM EDT

MSNBC and Anthony Weiner: made for each other like a frank and a bun?

Today's New York Daily News reports that when NYC mayoral candidate Weiner got into an argument on the campaign trail yesterday, he boasted that despite his mistakes, "I am still gonna be out there leaning forward."  "Lean Forward" is of course MSNBC's lefty slogan, featured in many promos that NB has analyzed, as here and here.  More after the jump.

By Randy Hall | | June 6, 2013 | 12:05 AM EDT

Like a zombie that just won't stay dead, pretentious left-wing talking head Keith Olbermann has somehow managed to find a way to befoul Americans' living rooms once more.

Thankfully, unless you are a baseball junkie, you won't have to witness his bloviations since Olbermann is scheduled to serve as a host for the Turner Broadcasting System's coverage of post-season Major League Baseball playoff games.