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If it’s Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher must be attacking conservatives as well as people of faith.

On the most recent installment of Real Time, the host did a lengthy segment accusing religious conservatives of being hypocrites saying, “There's always a good, moral, Christian reason to tell everyone you meet to f--k off and die” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Recently declared Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis had a really, really bad opening round of campaign appearances. Naturally, the national press, which swooned over the Fort Worth Democrat's ultimately failed filibuster against a common-sense pro-life law in the Lone Star State's legislature, pretended not to notice.

They had local help. On Wednesday, At The Monitor in McAllen, Texas, in an item mirrored at the Brownsville Herald, "reporter" Ty Johnson opened with six paragraphs of fanboy fawning about Davis's Tuesday campaign appearance in Brownville, and then buried Davis's galling attempt to portray herself as "pro-life" in Paragraph 23. Also, stay tuned until the final segment of this post for how a Davis press aide tried to bully a local paper into retracting a headline.

Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement has become a laughing stock.

On NBC’s Tonight Show Friday, the audience broke out into cheers and applause when Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) told host Jay Leno, “ObamaCare: it's the biggest jobs killer in this country” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

For the MSM, any excuse is good to push for ever-bigger government  . . .

Take today's Good Morning AmericaABC used a run-of-the-mill bank robbery story to blame a national increase in violent crime on "a lack of federal funding."  View the video after the jump.

Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman wrote a column arguing “Obamacare Still Isn’t Killing Jobs,” playing off the Friday employment numbers and picking on Speaker John Boehner and Paul Ryan.

“Since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, Republicans have claimed repeatedly that it would be a job-killing monstrosity, with ample evidence of its withering effect on the economy by now. “The health-care law will cause significant job losses for the U.S. economy,” a 2011 report sponsored by House Speaker John Boehner, Rep. Paul Ryan and other Republicans declared. Well maybe, someday, but in the law’s first month of existence it appeared to have no impact whatsoever on jobs.” Newman even argued Obamacare could create jobs by spurring people to quit jobs they were only keeping for the health benefits:

Bob Bartley, where are you?

When Robert Bartley was in charge, the Wall Street Journal editorial page was the gold standard of conservative thought. It can still be good, sometimes quite good -- but it is no longer true north for the movement. Too many times it has delivered product that makes conservatives shake their heads in confusion, even disbelief.

For several decades, many on the left have tried to dodge the designation "liberal." They've called themselves "progressives" (sometimes "pragmatic progressives") or claimed to be non-ideological rather than accept the L-word, especially if they were running for office.
This past Wednesday, however, the Daily Kos blogger who calls himself "Crashing Vor" argued that the terminological tide is turning, and that it's "conservative" that's becoming not merely disreputable but, just maybe, synonymous with lunacy:

The just-released quotes from Tom Cruise regarding his domestic life could be far more damaging to his A-list status than that couch-jumping stunt.

The actor is suing a magazine for $50 million regarding alleged misinformation regarding his relationship with his 7-year-old daughter, Suri. Information from his deposition in the case won't go over well with potential movie goers.

CBS wouldn’t invite Dan Rather to remember the JFK assassination for its 2013 anniversary coverage. “No loss,” said former CBS producer Michael Rosenblum in a guest column at The Hollywood Reporter. Rosenblum was Robert Pierpoint’s producer at “Sunday Morning.”

“As Rather was not invited to participate in the 50th anniversary, Bob Pierpoint was not invited to participate in the 25th anniversary,” despite being at the center of the story that dark day in Dallas for CBS. Someone sitting in the anchor chair in 1988 was an egotistical jerk, brushing his colleague out of CBS history's frame.

NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos is accusing liberal NPR fans of guilt by association. Some want NPR reporter Mara Liasson fired, just as they succeeded in ranting against Juan Williams appearing on Fox until he was abruptly fired.  The ombudsman reviewed  her reporting, and says “Applaud her.”

"Would you please consider letting Mara Liasson go?" wrote listener Michael Duba in what Schumacher-Matos said “is typical of the several complaints that come in almost every time Liasson does a story.”

Originally posted at on Tuesday, November 6  ||   It seems that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews wants to get to the bottom of what really happened in Benghazi.  Really Chris? Because last October, you had the chance to ask what happened, but since it was only a month before the election, you didn’t bother. Instead, you helped push the narrative that the attack was over some movie that until the Obama administration started pushing it, no one had ever heard of.

He starts his show’s segment asking why reinforcements didn’t arrive in time, and then broke to a clip of last week’s CBS’ 60 Minutes piece when Lara Logan asked Gregory Hicks about military assets.

We here at NewsBusters usually pay no mind to Tom Toles, the editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post. He's paid to render his opinion through his work -- although the quality of both his cartooning the cleverness of his observations are, to be charitable, debatable -- so it takes something really egregious to get on our radar.

That happened today when Mr. Toles compared Republican critics of ObamaCare with segregationist Democrat George Wallace, depicting the iconic Republican elephant mascot standing in a doorway marked "health care door" and proclaiming [see cartoon below the page break]:

Touting chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd's exclusive interview with President Obama on Thursday, Nightly News anchor Brian Williams proclaimed: "We are all about to hear the President of the United States apologize, and not just for the troubled rollout of this new health care website, but for the fact that his promise to the American people that 'If they like their current health insurance, they can keep it,' has not held true for all." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

In the report that followed, Todd sympathetically observed: "...the President's apparent broken promise about folks keeping the plans they like has been weighing heavily on the entire White House. So it was a chastened commander-in-chief that I spoke with earlier today."

After many years of being the channel people turned to for breaking news, the Cable News Network announced on Wednesday that while reporting news is still CNN’s “bread and butter,” the liberal channel will add a heavy emphasis on acquiring unscripted shows by outside producers in the vein of documentaries like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and films like Blackfish.

Years of left-wing bias have apparently cost the network its “Most Trusted Name in News” status, along with a series of factual bungles during big news events. But will the new films follow in the liberal footsteps of Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man project or air some films by conservatives as part of its new strategy?


CBS and ABC on Thursday and Friday offered respectful tributes honoring "America's pastor," Billy Graham. The networks, which are often hostile or dismissive of religion, all featured segments on the minister's 95th birthday and played clips of what has been announced as his final sermon. (However, NBC's Today allowed a mere 24 seconds to the topic.) World News correspondent Dan Harris observed, "Throughout his life, it's been the Gospel that has sustained him."

The journalist oddly related, "...In private, he's a surprisingly humble man, married to the same woman, Ruth, for more than 60 years." But Harris also included ample footage of Graham's final sermon, featuring the pastor leading his worldwide audience in a prayer: "I invite you to come into my heart and my life. I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and savior, in Jesus's name, amen." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]