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On Sunday, The Washington Post reported on its front page “Democratic Party feeling heat from a revived left.” They rarely acknowledge the Democrats have an ideological base, and almost never use the word “liberal” to describe it.

Reporter Zachary Goldfarb did use the word “liberal” routinely, but when you want to push something really leftist, you aren’t getting extreme, you are growing more “populist.” The more leftist you get, the more you appeal to the people? There were no extreme labels for the left, but Obama’s allegedly been embracing “conservative thinking.” The Post easily finds a “far right” in the Republican Party, as in these recent examples from the news staff:  

Potemkin Village, anyone?  Joe Scarborough has offered a scathing simile for the new-'n-improved Obamacare website.  On today's Morning Joe, he likened the site to the set of a Hollywood Western--pushing back the facade reveals that there's nothing behind it.

Even former Obama spox Robert Gibbs—proudly sporting an Auburn jersey—acknowledged that big chunks of the system, including the payment mechanism for subsidies, haven't even been built.  So people can go to the site, receive the illusion that they have obtained coverage, only to find that there is no follow-through.  View the video after the jump.

George Will marveled in his column late last week over how “a CNN anchor wondered if an asteroid that passed by Earth on Feb. 15 was ‘an effect of, perhaps, global warming.’” That quote, however, isn’t new to you if you’ve been reading NewsBusters or attended the MRC’s 2013 “DisHonors Awards” where that was a runner-up in the “Dan Rather Memorial Award for the Stupidest Analysis.”

Poor Matt Lauer and Al Roker: they spent November growing out beards on NBC for “Movember,” to promote men's health, but the British magazine New Statesman has announced “Movember is divisive, gender normative, racist and ineffective against some very real health issues.”
RedState’s Erick Erickson tweeted “You cannot parody the left. You just can't. You may think it is parody, but damned if they don't one up you.” Apparently moustaches are for minorities:

As NewsBusters previously reported, NBC's Bob Costas in October did a halftime rant about the name Washington Redskins.

During Sunday night's game between the New York Giants and the Redskins broadcast on NBC, a fan had a sign marvelously reading, "Hey Bob Costas I Don't Like Your Name Either!":

In June, libertine-left promoter-slash-reporter Lisa Leff of the Associated Press championed incorrect gender information on driver’s licenses on behalf of the “gender-fluid.” As November ended, Leff was the latest reporter to promote colleges that are dropping archaic pronouns like “he” and “she” for that same cause.

The headline on Yahoo was “'Preferred' pronouns gain traction at US colleges.” A group called Mouthing Off! at Mills College, a women’s institution in Oakland, was the linguistic laboratory for the new ideology making way for more “generous” notions of gender. AP found no space at all for interviews with common-sense critics:

Alec Baldwin can't make up his mind.

After complaining Tuesday about MSNBC's Martin Bashir still being on the air despite his vile comments about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Baldwin said Sunday he's glad Bashir still has a show:

Romenesko reports on a radical-versus-radical squabble over a cartoon image of Obama. Leftist cartoonist Ted Rall was lectured by a Daily Kos administrator that “your depiction of Barack Obama as ape-like is intolerable” and insisted “blacks have been subject to racist depictions of themselves as monkeys and apes. No excuse is acceptable for replicating that history, no matter what your intent."' The cartoon was censored.

The caricature doesn't really look like Obama, certainly not the ape-like nose. Rall, who hasn’t been paid for his Daily Kos submissions, was furious at being accused of a racist cartoon:

A report from the White House concerning the just-completed upgrade of declared, "The team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness."

On Meet the Press Sunday, NBC's chief White House correspondent surprisingly said, "[T]hat is an indictment on the whole idea of government as a solution" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

There haven’t been a lot of members of the media that have come out in support of MSNBC’s Martin Bashir's suggestion a few weeks ago that someone should defecate and urinate in former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Seemingly bucking that trend Sunday was the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank who appearing on Fox News's MediaBuzz actually compared those remarks to Bill O’Reilly joking three years ago about beheading him (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Saturday’s Washington Post served up the Kool-Aid with this Obamacare headline on the front page: “Health Web site to meet deadline: Officials set to announce fixes.” The entire story by Juliet Eilperin and Amy Goldstein is unanimously just Obama and his tech-helpers. There are no launch critics anywhere to be found.

“As of Friday night, federal officials and contractors had achieved two goals, according to government officials who spoke on the conditition of anonymity in order to discuss ongoing operations,” the reporters said. But by noon Saturday, they were updating to back away from the giddy optimism:

Being a leftist of the Obama ilk, you have to assume that Congressman Keith Ellison thought he was doing President Obama a favor in offering his interpretation of the president's "if you like your plan, you can keep it" line, as well as his subsequent non-apology apology.

But on today's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," Ellison wound up putting words in the president's mouth that quite literally added insult to injury.  Ellison first falsely claimed that Pres. Obama had said "if you like your decent insurance, your insurance that works, then you can keep it." Obama of course never said any such thing. Moreover, according to Ellison, by his apology Obama meant "if you misunderstood what I was trying to say, I'm sorry."  So the fault lies not with Obama for having blatantly misled the American people. No, it's those ignorant Americans—too dense to dig the real meaning of the great man's words—who are to blame. View the video after the jump.

A really funny thing happened Sunday morning when the folks at CNN’s New Day tried to open a health insurance account at the newly upgraded ObamaCare website.

It crashed (video follows with transcript and commentary):

The Washington Post's "On Faith" section is a forum for trashing conservatives again. After seeing their reaction to the latest critique of "trickle-down" capitalism by Pope Francis, leftist Muslim author Reza Aslan argued Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh would probably call Jesus a Marxist.

In a piece also published inside the Saturday Washington Post, the man who mangled the "historical Jesus" (not to mention his own resume) is arguing someone else doesn't know the real Jesus. Palin merely expressed how the pope sounded liberal in his apostolic exhortation. Limbaugh went further: