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By Tim Graham | August 12, 2012 | 5:59 PM EDT

Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever was reviewing NBC's new veterinarian comedy "Animal Practice" on Sunday and saved his biggest praise for Cyrstal the "crafty Capuchin" monkey. "I have never seen a fresh-faced celebrity work harder to please, with barely a hint of a treat or a reward coming. Crystal did everything she was asked and then some; she apparently decided it is her job to save NBC from itself. "

Stuever met the monkey as she worked the room at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, and then decided to say she was much better behaved than snooty Sarah Palin, who was also present:

By Noel Sheppard | August 12, 2012 | 5:07 PM EDT

CNN's Howard Kurtz on Sunday asked liberal talk radio host Stephanie Miller a question that most right-thinking Americans pray the answer is "Yes."

"You are a liberal in a conservative media...dominated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham," said the Reliable Sources host. "Won't people like you and Ed Schultz and some of the few liberal national voices on talk radio be drowned out in this election?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

By Brent Baker | August 12, 2012 | 4:54 PM EDT

Tonight’s (Sunday) 60 Minutes will feature an interview with the new Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan conducted by CBS’s Bob Schieffer. Last year, when Schieffer interviewed Ryan on Face the Nation, he chided Ryan over his budget plan and refusal to raise taxes.

“Why do these rich people need another tax cut?” Schieffer demanded of Ryan on the April 17, 2011 program. Conveying his no-so-profound economic reasoning, Schieffer saw a pot of money to be absconded: “I mean, they’re already rich. They seem to be doing pretty well as it is now. Why cut their taxes some more?” After Ryan explained his proposal would maintain current tax revenue levels while eliminating deductions and loopholes used by the wealthy, a baffled Schiefier ruminated:

By Randy Hall | August 12, 2012 | 3:59 PM EDT

Now that Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has been named Mitt Romney's running mate in the upcoming presidential election, we can expect the Democrats and the media to set new lows in their attacks on him.

Unfortunately, over the years, liberally biased journalists have had plenty of practice. Here's our look at the top 10 most outrageous media attacks on Paul Ryan.

By Noel Sheppard | August 12, 2012 | 3:38 PM EDT

With all the trashing of Paul Ryan by Obama-loving media members in the past 24 hours, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus pulled off quite a feat on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday.

In just one sentence, she insulted Ryan as well as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (video follows with transcript and commentary):

By Noel Sheppard | August 12, 2012 | 1:38 PM EDT

Rachel Maddow apparently wasn't pleased to learn that a NewsBusters piece about her being destroyed on Meet the Press by National Review editor Rich Lowry Sunday was picked up by the popular website The Drudge Report.

Commenting on Twitter, the MSNBC commentator wrote, "Ah, a Drudge link. Welcome, 3-day onslaught of ALL CAPS swearing misspelled tweets & emails informing me that I am gay":

By Tim Graham | August 12, 2012 | 12:59 PM EDT

Actress Elizabeth Banks made a campaign video for Obama-Biden 2012 – just barely. Almost the entire 75 seconds is a defense of Planned Parenthood and their “essential services,” which is the euphemism feminists use to describe America’s leading provider of abortions.

In fact, Banks could not bring herself to even mention the word or the concept of abortions, except indirectly as “that little five percent” of controversial things PPFA does that judgmental Mitt Romney dislikes. This is quite shocking in its discretion, considering Banks unloads TMI and talks about her massive menstrual flow:


By Tim Graham | August 12, 2012 | 12:01 PM EDT

On Friday, CNN anchorman Don Lemon rolled tape and asked filmmaker Spike Lee if the expectations for Obama were too high. Lee said “Yes. He was the savior, black Jesus. I don't care who it was, I mean, expectations were way too high. What somebody can deliver knowing how politics works and knowing that you have to deal with the Congress.”

But who on earth was silly enough to suggest he was “Black Jesus”? That would be Spike Lee on MSNBC in 2008:

By Noel Sheppard | August 12, 2012 | 12:01 PM EDT

UPDATE: Maddow responds.

She's touted by the liberal media as one of the brightest commentators on television, yet MSNBC's Rachel Maddow got thoroughly demolished by National Review editor Rich Lowry on Sunday's Meet the Press.

When continually asked by Lowry to defend the President's $700 billion Medicare cuts in ObamaCare, Maddow repeatedly refused making herself look tremendously foolish (video follows with transcript and commentary):

By Mark Finkelstein | August 12, 2012 | 10:49 AM EDT

Serious question: is there anything—anything!—Debbie Wasserman-Schultz won't say to promote Barack Obama?

On Fox News Sunday, interviewed by guest host John Roberts, the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee somehow managed to keep a straight face as she brazenly claimed: "I have no idea of the political affiliation of folks who are associated" with Priorities USA, the Super PAC that ran the ad essentially blaming Mitt Romney for a woman's cancer death. But as is undoubtedly well known to Wasserman-Schultz, Priorities USA is run by Bill Burton—Obama's former Deputy Press Secretary. View the video after the jump.

By Mark Finkelstein | August 12, 2012 | 9:42 AM EDT

Incredible. CBS News has an anti-Romney "fact check" article up this morning supposedly debunking statements made by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during yesterday's introduction of the veep pick.  At the end, CBS actually snuck in the hyper-partisan, DNC-talking-point assertion that it was "clear" that when President Obama utttered his infamous "you didn't build that", he was talking about "teachers and infrastructure."

CBS claims that in criticizing "you didn't build that," Republicans "seized on only part of Obama's quote."  In fact, it is CBS itself that edited out another, most telling, part of Obama's comments.  The network omitted the following Obama lines which make irretrievably clear that he was indeed disparaging the achievements of entrepreneurs. More after the jump.

By Tim Graham | August 12, 2012 | 7:22 AM EDT

The Hollywood Reporter posted an “analysis” headlined “Romney VP Pick Could Finally Galvanize Hollywood: Rep. Paul Ryan's Hard-Right Ideology May Rekindle the Entertainment Industry's Enthusiasm for Obama.”

Tina Daunt
sounded like an overwrought direct-mail writer for Democrats: “His proposed federal budget has become virtually an article of faith on the GOP right and supporting it was one of the ritual obeisances Romney had to make to reassure conservatives about his views. It’s not, however, a document likely to win many friends in liberal Hollywood, since it essentially involves repealing the New Deal -- and then some.” She also touted anti-Ryan tweets from celebs:

By Paul Wilson | August 12, 2012 | 12:14 AM EDT

The New York Times’ quest for tolerance has taken a lunatic turn. A contributing author for New York Times Magazine is now pushing for boys who want to wear women’s clothing to be allowed to do so, in the name of gender fluidity.

The New York Times Magazine published a 5,500-word celebration of boys breaking traditional gender boundaries. Ruth Padawer, a professor at the Columbia University School of Journalism, wrote a long August 8 piece with the provocative title “What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?” She then proceeded to attempt to convince readers that nothing was wrong with that with a litany of examples of young boys happily wearing “girls” clothing despite the skepticism of queasy parents and the bullying of intolerant individuals.

By Brent Bozell | August 11, 2012 | 11:59 PM EDT

On August 6, that pseudo-conservative satirist Stephen Colbert utterly failed to pretend to play a right-winger on TV. Colbert invited on "legendary" radical-left folk singer Pete Seeger and treated him with deep reverence.

"It's an honor to have you on. You are a living legend. You are a giant. It's like having Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed on," he oozed. This is the same sultan of snark that exudes zero reverence for his allegedly Catholic beliefs, calling himself the "Pope of basic cable" as he has rudely joked that Cardinal Timothy Dolan uses Viagra and mocked Pope Benedict for having "the face of an angel...that got caught in a food dehydrator."

By Brad Wilmouth | August 11, 2012 | 8:45 PM EDT

On a special Saturday edition of Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews twice claimed that Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget "screws" needy people. During a segment with Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen, as he asked what it was like to work with Rep. Ryan as his colleague, the MSNBC host asserted that the plan "really screws the people who desperately need Medicare and programs like that."