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By P.J. Gladnick | | December 6, 2012 | 2:26 PM EST

Does Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi desire to become a dictator...or another Abraham Lincoln?

Did that question make you burst out laughing? If so, please be prepared for an even bigger laugh when you watch Atlantic editor Steve Clemons expend brain cells while struggling to figure out the answer to that question in his column. So laughable are the efforts of Clemons trying to come up with what to even slightly aware people is the obvious answer that you might need an oxygen mask due to an inability to catch a breath:

By Tim Graham | | December 6, 2012 | 1:29 PM EST

In an AP profile of Fox News White House reporter Ed Henry, longtime ABC News vet Sam Donaldson said he considers Henry "one of the best" on the beat now. "It's not that they are all afraid and cringe, because they don't," Donaldson said. "But it's so much tougher to do it in every way."

As a young reporter, Henry said, he looked up to Donaldson, best known for shouting questions at Ronald Reagan. "Now if you shout a question at Obama, you're somehow seen as a bad guy," Henry said. "I think some people have been cowed." AP’s David Bauder also turned to former CNN bigwig Frank Sesno, who naturally is still pretending Fox News is an opinion channel, unlike the Piers and Soledad Network:

By Ken Shepherd | | December 6, 2012 | 12:46 PM EST

As the 2013 Virginia governor's race is already underway, the Washington Post is determined to set the narrative early on for its readers, and it goes a little something like this: Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a hard-right conservative who's too extreme for the Old Dominion, especially in contrast to job-creating businessman Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe, you may recall, served as Democratic National Committee chairman from 2001 to 2005. [Read related posts here and here]

In the December 6 paper, Post staff writer Ben Pershing continued the narrative with his treatment of liberal former congressman Tom Perriello's announcement the day prior that he would not run for governor and that he backs McAuliffe, giving the former DNC chief a virtual lock on the nomination next June. The race is now between "Cuccinelli, a conservative who is loved by his party base, and McAuliffe," a "businessman" who "previously ran the Democratic National Committee," Pershing noted.  The term "liberal" was used twice in Pershing's 17-paragraph story, in relation to Perriello. There was no exploration of the question of McAuliffe's ideological leanings:

By Scott Whitlock | | December 6, 2012 | 11:56 AM EST

Chris Matthews' affinity for Bill Clinton is well known. But on Wednesday's Hardball, Mathews argued that the Democrat would be the best lobbyist to get one into heaven. [See video below. MP3 audio here.] Talking to journalist Joe Klein and GOP strategist David Winston, Matthews lauded the former president's campaigning for Barack Obama.

The liberal host enthused, "...I have to tell you, who would you rather have make your case to Saint Peter than this guy?" Clinton, of course, was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, of sexual assault by Kathleen Willey and by Paula Jones of exposing himself.

By Clay Waters | | December 6, 2012 | 11:34 AM EST

The New York Times's alarmist environmental reporter Justin Gillis made the front of Business Day Wednesday with a left-wing protest movement at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, which is apparently "at the vanguard of a national movement": "The Divestment Brigade."

A group of Swarthmore College students is asking the school administration to take a seemingly simple step to combat pollution and climate change: sell off the endowment’s holdings in large fossil fuel companies. For months, they have been getting a simple answer: no.

As they consider how to ratchet up their campaign, the students suddenly find themselves at the vanguard of a national movement.

By Jeffrey Meyer | | December 6, 2012 | 11:20 AM EST

MSNBC's resident RINO Joe Scarborough has resumed his regularly-scheduled conservative bashing on Morning Joe.  While discussing the impending fiscal cliff on

Thursday, co-host Scarborough said that following President Obama’s “great victory” in November, it will be very hard for the president, who, “for four years, was told that he was an illegitimate president, that he was a socialist” to be gracious to folks like Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).  [See video below page break.  MP3 audio here.]

By Kyle Drennen | | December 6, 2012 | 11:10 AM EST

Employing sanctimonious rhetoric to paint Senate Republicans as cruel and heartless for opposing a U.N. treaty on disabled rights completely redundant to the Americans With Disabilities Act, on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams lectured: "If you want to know how broken, how partisan our Congress and our government has become, all you need to look at is this one day in Washington....Senator John Kerry called this one of the saddest days he's seen in close to three decades in the U.S. Senate." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

In the report that followed, correspondent Kelly O'Donnell pointed to the GOP as the source of the sorrow: "For those looking for cooperation tonight, only disappointment, even real sadness over what happened with this treaty intended to help the disabled....Five Republican votes short of the 66's unusual to see tears shed in the Senate chamber, I witnessed that today....I saw a woman in a wheelchair, leaving with tears rolling down her face."

By Matt Hadro | | December 6, 2012 | 11:00 AM EST

When CNN's Piers Morgan ranted about gun control on Twitter the other day, business strategist Carol Roth educated him about the Second Amendment in an exchange that made headlines. Roth then appeared on Morgan's Wednesday night show for more gun debate.

"I think what it boils down to is the ability to protect yourself, Piers," she told Morgan. "As a gun owner, you want to be able to protect yourself." For his part, Morgan continued his push for gun control and pointed to Great Britain, Australia, Germany and Japan as successful examples. [Video below the break]

By NB Staff | | December 6, 2012 | 10:59 AM EST

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has once again demonstrated that when it comes to budgets, he’s simply not serious and neither is his fellow partisan President Barack Obama. Yesterday, the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell called for a vote on the budget outline (once again no bill) from Obama. This was immediately killed as a "stunt," which was Reid’s term for it.

By Liz Thatcher | | December 6, 2012 | 10:02 AM EST

Nobel prize winning liberal economist Paul Krugman, who has often argued that President Obama’s $831 billion stimulus was too small, has now decided he knows what’s good for everyone’s health (besides government-controlled healthcare). His health advice? “Don’t spend much time watching CNBC” because it is “bad for your financial and intellectual health.”

By Liz Thatcher | | December 6, 2012 | 9:50 AM EST

On Nov. 28, 2012, Forbes released a report on the 25 highest paid musicians of the year. Ironically enough, four of this year’s top earners were outspoken supporters of the Occupy Wall Street Movement last year. Apparently they didn’t see hypocrisy of being a top earner in an industry while speaking out against other top earners.

By Mike Ciandella | | December 6, 2012 | 9:10 AM EST

Dinner at Jim Avila’s house must be a real party – that is, if Avila himself believes his hysterical food scaremongering. The ABC senior national correspondent has launched job-killing attacks against the beef industry and the poultry industry, and now he’s having a go at the fish.

Avila’s latest bogie-food is a new breed of salmon he worries could cause cancer, and he’s going after the company aspiring to market it. But, as usual with Avila’s reporting, something seems fishy.

Avila’s shark attacks appeared on ABC’s Nightline and World News on December 4.

By Noel Sheppard | | December 6, 2012 | 8:43 AM EST

Tech giant Apple announced Thursday that it will be bringing some manufacturing jobs back from China to the United States.

In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said the company  plans to spend more than $100 million next year on building Mac computers here.

By Tim Graham | | December 6, 2012 | 8:25 AM EST

If you’re not one of the people in “Everyone” who loves Michelle Obama, you must not be following the collapse of Newsweek. In one of the magazine’s last print editions, Allison Samuels is asking “What's next for our incredibly popular first lady? Samuel L. Jackson and other super-fans weigh in.”

Jackson is in love: “Michelle is Superwoman. What can’t she do?...That’s why people love her. She can be on the Supreme Court and anywhere else she wants. She can be the president. She’s history and she’ll stay history because she is so amazingly smart and together.” Samuels continued in this syrupy vein:

By Tim Graham | | December 6, 2012 | 8:08 AM EST

TV Guide asks this question after the Kevin Clash sex scandal inside Sesame Street: "Is Elmo a No-Go?" They noticed that Hasbro's mid-November press release on its "must-have" toys only has a new "Flying Super Grover 2.0" doll, and no Elmo merchandise.

"This motion-activated Super Grover 2.0 character comes to life when kids pick him up and 'fly' him around the room," Hasbro promised. "His arms will rise as if he's flying and he will let children know whether he's 'Going up' or 'Going down!' Complete with soaring sounds and silly phrases, little ones are sure to fall in love with this furry superhero."