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By Ken Shepherd | | September 23, 2013 | 6:12 PM EDT

"I’m going to torch this [bleep]ing place." That's what an angry Ed Schultz reportedly threatened at a testy August 2010 exchange with the suits at MSNBC. Schultz was reportedly fired up because, "the network was running election-night promos and he wasn’t in them. He’d been arguing on the phone with marketing, then he slammed down the phone and exploded," a witness to the outburst told the New York Post.

So imagine our glee this afternoon when ol' Ed opened up his September 23 program with a montage featuring, wait for it, "Burning Down the House," by The Talking Heads.

By Matt Hadro | | September 23, 2013 | 5:58 PM EDT

On Monday morning's New Day, CNN continued whacking Republicans who voted to defund Obamacare after comparing them to "inmates" who were "running the asylum" on Friday.

CNN contributor John Avlon said the "defund" movement has a "racket element" and is pure "fantasy." Correspondent Jim Acosta called some House Republicans "shutdown supporters" though that was incorrect since the continuing resolution that passed the House on Friday still funded the government minus Obamacare.

By Brad Wilmouth | | September 23, 2013 | 5:38 PM EDT

On Friday's PoliticsNation, MSNBC host Al Sharpton complained that the "Tea Party-fueled madness" of the GOP threatening to shut down the government would "take away health care from millions of people."

He went on to charge that Speaker John Boehner possesses "genuine political cowardice" because he is allowing the Tea Party to "run this country into the ground."

Sharpton began the show:

By Tim Graham | | September 23, 2013 | 5:10 PM EDT

Liberals have suggested that the conservative attempt to repeal Obamacare alongside passing a continuing resolution is childish, undemocratic, and in the words of Chris Matthews, "the extreme case where ideological zealotry trumps even the most minimal loyalty to the common national interests."

On Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher," the host decried the Tea Party's "coke-addict's obsession with repealing Obamacare, but he asked if the "hostage holding" is a fair tactic. MSNBC host/zealot Chris Hayes admitted that he would back "hostage holding" tactics on a spending bill if it was in favor of a liberal goal like avoiding a "horrible war." (Video and transcript below)

By Paul Bremmer | | September 23, 2013 | 4:42 PM EDT

The new, ultra-violent Grand Theft Auto V video game debuted last week and raked in over $1 billion in just the first three days of sales. It was so impressive that the three major broadcast networks all took note and reported on the game on their weekend morning shows. But all three networks focused on the stellar sales numbers for the game while failing to explore a possible connection between violent video games and desensitization to violence that helps lead to mass shooting incidents.

CBS This Morning: Saturday was the worst of the three networks. CBS essentially fawned over the game while devoting only two sentences to criticism of it. Co-anchor Anthony Mason began the hype right at the top: “It was a blockbuster debut that would make any Hollywood executive jealous, except you couldn't see it on the silver screen but rather on the small screen.”

By Matt Hadro | | September 23, 2013 | 3:59 PM EDT

CNN's Jessica Yellin ran a complete puff piece on Hillary Clinton's 2016 prospects on Monday, quoting Democratic Clinton allies who gushed over Clinton's promise.

"They readily point to the ways she's grown since the days then-Senator Clinton became the runner up in 2008," Yellin said of "Clinton's friends and allies." Yellin made no mention of Clinton critics or Benghazi in her report.

By Ken Shepherd | | September 23, 2013 | 2:50 PM EDT

An incredulous Stuart Varney brought NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on his Varney & Co. program this morning to discuss how  "[t]he mainstream media [have been] completely ignoring one the the biggest news stories of the year," by devoting zero news stories to the IRS scandal since July.

"Is that accurate, they haven't even mentioned it since those dates we put up on the screen?!" Varney asked Bozell at the segment. "It's fascinating and so troubling" because we have "one of the greatest abuses in my lifetime, the greatest abuse of federal power ever, where you're using the most-feared arm of government  against the people and you're seeing one revelation after another" which the networks simply refuse to cover. The Media Research Center founder and president rattled off just a few [LISTEN to mp3 audio here; WATCH the video below the page break]:

By Jack Coleman | | September 23, 2013 | 2:05 PM EDT

It's with good reason that Bill Maher's liberal politics don't prevent many conservatives from enjoying his comedy.

They know it's just a matter of time before Maher notices that the emperor is strolling down the sidewalk shorn of attire, and Maher will mock him regardless of the target's political affiliation. (Video after the jump)

By Katie Yoder | | September 23, 2013 | 1:03 PM EDT

Dare a top newspaper journalist to play connect-the-dots and chances are he’ll fail miserably – at least with drawing the line between Islam and terrorism. In Nairobi, Kenya last weekend, Islamist militants took over a high-end shopping mall and began executing non-Muslims. In Pakistan, Islamist suicide bombers detonated at a Christian Church on Sunday. 

Yet on Monday, September 23, 90 percent of the top ten (via circulation numbers) daily newspapers’ headlines in the United States censored the words “Islam” and Muslim” from Nairobi and Pakistan reports. One – the New York Daily News – didn’t even have a headline for the latest Islamic terrorist attacks. That’s journalism at its finest. 

By Scott Whitlock | | September 23, 2013 | 12:50 PM EDT

 The journalists at Good Morning America on Monday hyped a puff piece on whether Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016, but ignored a critical look at the Clinton Global Initiative and its brewing scandal. Instead, reporter Dan Harris promoted a New York magazine story on the former Secretary of State. He quoted the possible presidential contender on her relationship with Bill: "We laugh at our dogs. We watch stupid movies. We take long walks. We go for a swim. You know, just ordinary, everyday pleasures." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Harris made sure to point out that "if she does run, the polls show she's in a strong position to win her party's nomination and even the general election, although it is ridiculously early in the game, of course." The segment was so content free that after it concluded, co-host Robin Roberts wondered, "So, exactly, what did we learn?" In contrast, CBS This Morning's Jan Crawford managed to cover the New York story as well as an expose in the New Republic entitled, "Scandal at Clinton Inc."

By Matt Hadro | | September 23, 2013 | 11:19 AM EDT

On Monday's Today, NBC's Chuck Todd claimed that Congress could pass gun control legislation but is just too afraid to do it.

Todd reported that "the reality is there's political paralysis when it comes to the gun issue," even though the Senate already tried and failed to pass a background check bill in April. Todd instead blamed "recall elections that took place in Colorado just a few weeks ago" for Congress' lack of "motivation."

By Tim Graham | | September 23, 2013 | 10:55 AM EDT

The new Robert Reich documentary has yet to become a left-wing sensation when its promotional website can only tout its Audience Award at the Traverse City Film Festival. No one knew Traverse City even had a film festival.

But Parade magazine on Sunday put the film in its “Parade Picks,” and compared Reich’s new work to that classic Al Gore science-fiction movie on global warming:

By Noel Sheppard | | September 23, 2013 | 10:37 AM EDT

Media mogul Ted Turner reiterated an absolutely absurd idea Sunday.

Appearing at the International Women's Earth and Climate Summit in New York City, Turner proposed “men be barred from political office. They could do everything else, be president of universities, business leaders, but they just couldn’t serve in any elected position for 100 years” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

By NB Staff | | September 23, 2013 | 9:41 AM EDT

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By Tim Graham | | September 23, 2013 | 7:51 AM EDT

The Washington Post has a funny way of defining “news.” It just keeps selling the same old story of shooting victims lobbying for gun control. On the front of Sunday’s paper, the headline was “Exposing their scares, hoping to rouse a silent nation.” That headline is simply wrong. The "silent" nation spoke, and liberal gun-control wishes lost.

But the Post’s Eli Saslow went back to the bitter victim-lobbyists wandering the country on a bus funded by Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against  Illegal Guns, who are now desperate to show graphic images of death and make Americans feel miserable: