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State Dept-funded school says creation of Israel the real tragedy of the Holocaust.

On her radio show, Laura Ingraham ably summarized the two phases of media treatment of Obama. There was the long "Dream" phase, when we was a racial pioneer in the White House.

Now the Reality has set in, "and a lot of Democrats" are "beginning to bail on the idea of Obamacare" because Obama simply didn't pay enough attention to make sure it launched effectively. First, the Dream quote:

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan cautioned against MSNBC suspending or firing host Martin Bashir for his latest broadside against Sarah Palin, on Thursday's New Day. Cuomo actually asked if he wasn't just trying to make a "rhetorical point" rather than be "hurtful" to Palin.

Bashir had clearly stated that Palin was "the outstanding candidate" to receive a certain punishment for slaves – defecating in their mouths – for her remarks on slavery. Despite the gravitas of his words CNN gave him some benefit of the doubt while ignoring his history of vile smears of Republicans, the worst of which is documented below.

NBC News has completely censored any mention of the unfolding ObamaCare disaster for the last 72 hours. Not one word about the millions of Americans losing their health insurance nor the severe political damage that has been done to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

In that same time period, both CBS and ABC reported on major developments regarding the new law, including revelations that much of ObamaCare's infrastructure was still unfinished and that the administration knew of serious problems with the website as early as March.

On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams noted President Obama and the four former living presidents reciting the Gettysburg Address to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's historic speech, but ignored the fact that Obama omitted the phrase "under God" from his reading and refused to attend the event marking the anniversary. [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Williams made a point of declaring that project orchestrated by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns was "urging Americans to memorize and celebrate the Gettysburg Address," and emphasized: "Considering it's one of the most important speeches in American history, think about this, it was only about two minutes long, 272 words in all." Making Obama's gaffe of skipping two of those words all the more noticeable and embarrassing.

Following two split rulings on abortion this week, one at the ballot box and one by the Supreme Court, the folks at MSNBC have engaged in an all-out assault pushing their pro-abortion agenda across their network. On Wednesday November 20 things weren’t much different as NewsNation host Tamron Hall brought on MSNBC darling and “women’s health advocate” Sandra Fluke for a one-sided discussion on abortion in America.

The segment began with host Hall framing the issue as “the Supreme Court ruled it would not intervene to stop Texas’ restrictive abortion law while voters in Albuquerque rejected an abortion ban.”

Fox News's Chris Wallace said last week that the folks at the New York Times must be "breaking out in hives" as a result of Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly topping their Best Sellers List.

Talk radio host Glenn Beck took this a step further Wednesday ticking off five books by right-leaning authors currently topping the charts deliciously observing, “Conservatives now are dominating the book world - and that’s got to be driving people crazy” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

NFL, baseball and others asked what they are 'doing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.'

If only "Republican" Nicolle Wallace would be as critical of Democrats as she is of members of her own putative party . . . On today's Morning Joe, Wallace—adviser to Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign—decided that in order to praise Republican governors, she had to pound Republicans in Congress.

Wallace took her shot at congressional Republicans in the course of discussing Chris Christie ascension as head of the Republican Governors Association.  Wallace praised Republican governors as "our stars . . . the people that can speak English." In contrast, according to Nicolle, "you go to Washington and somehow Republicans are speaking another language." View the video after the jump.

Two questions about this week's Modern Family Episode.

Left-wing actor Alec Baldwin just can't stay out of trouble. The most recent example of that is his calling a photographer who was following him and his family “a c**ksucking fag." That incident caused MSNBC to suspend his Friday evening Up Late interview program for at least two weeks and there are reports that his show may be canceled entirely.

Baldwin's angry behavior was the topic for discussion on Monday night's edition of the Cable News Channel's AC 360 Later program, when gay panelist Andrew Sullivan accused the actor of being a “homophobic bigot” and unexpectedly claimed: “If a conservative said that, they would be finished.”

During a discussion on the Martin Bashir program Wednesday, The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis decided he had simply had enough. Fellow panelist and Georgetown professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was holding forth about how President Obama's political opposition was grounded not in criticism of his ideology or his (lack of) leadership but, you guessed it, racism.

Fed up with conservatives constantly being insulted on MSNBC as racist for opposing the president, Lewis interrupted Dyson and took him to task for refusing to deal with the actual merits of President Obama's policies and job approval, both of which are underwater in recent polls. To that, Dyson angrily shot back that Lewis was trying to cash in on his "white privilege" to "silence a black man" on the issue of race. [watch the video below the page break; listen to the MP3 audio here]

As first reported by NewsBusters, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir ended his program Friday giving arguably the most deplorable defamation of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin by anyone to date.

With no disciplinary action having been administered to Bashir by his superiors, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh asked on his show Wednesday, "Let's say Dr. Krauthammer or Ted O'Baxter [Bill O'Reilly] would suggest that somebody do to Obama what Bashir suggested happen to Sarah Palin. What do you think would have happened?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz declared that his patriotism court was in session again on Wednesday and found another conservative guilty. The liberal host repeatedly smeared Michele Bachmann as "anti-American." In several media appearances, the Republican congresswoman insisted that "we predicted" ObamaCare would be a disaster and added, "We hate to say we told you so." This prompted Schultz to fume. "I'm glad to see Michele Bachmann is so happy about a law's problems. I think it's fair to call Michele Bachmann's attitude anti-American." [See video below. MP3 video here.]

Still acting as ObamaCare's chief defender, no matter how many problems develop with the rollout, Schultz excoriated, "Under ObamaCare, people's lives will be saved. It's an absolute. And I think it's fair to say that Michele Bachmann wanting to deny 30 million Americans health care is anti-American."

Ed Schultz knows nothing about misdemeanor sentencing guidelines . . . Playing the race card over the arrest and conviction of Republican congressman Trey Radel for cocaine possession, Ed Schultz has claimed there is "no doubt" that an African-American who committed the same crime "would be facing jail time."

Really? Radel's crime was a misdemeanor, and he was a first-time offender. It would be highly unusual for anyone pleading guilty under such circumstances to be sentenced to jail time. DC jails could not possibly hold all the low-level misdemeanor drug offenders. View the video after the jump.