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Democrats in the Senate Thursday invoked the nuclear option changing how the filibuster applies to presidential appointments.

On Fox News’s Special Report hours after the vote, George Will said this could lead to the repeal of ObamaCare in 2017 (video follows with transcript and commentary):

It's come to this.

Steve McMillan, the editor of online projects and public policy issues at the Denver Post, sent out a tweet Wednesday with a picture of a want ad from the paper seeking an editor to "oversee the development and maintenance of a recreational marijuana website":

Movie and TV stars condemn natural gas drilling, recycle misleading claims.

Morning Joe sidekick Mika Brzezinski hurled a favorite liberal accusation at Republicans on Thursday’s episode. She started by presenting it merely as a question that she and Joe Scarborough received often during his book tour: “One of the points [Joe] makes [in his book] was illuminated in a question that we get everywhere we went, which is why do Republicans not want Americans to have health care? That’s what they think.”

Nicolle Wallace, a former Bush White House staffer, unfortunately accepted the premise that Republicans don’t want people to have health care. The supposedly conservative guest replied with just the answer Brzezinski wanted:

The cover for the December 2 issue of Time magazine has been released and it’s a brutal shot at the failed ObamaCare rollout. Underneath a picture of a broken pill with the words “Obama Care” imprinted on it, the headline reads: “Broken Promise, What It Means For This Presidency.”

However, back in 2009 Time magazine was singing a different tune when it depicted the President as your friendly family doctor ready to heal a broken healthcare system with the headline: “Paging Dr. Obama.” 

CNN's Chris Cuomo won't even accept that health care problems can be solved without the government. On Thursday's New Day, he arrogantly dismissed that notion put forward by conservative guest Will Cain.

"You have to have the government involved with health care. And you know that," he condescended to Cain, who had first argued that "conservatives believe solutions can exist outside the constructs of government." Cuomo expounded on his pro-government reasoning in the following exchange :


Chris Matthews appears to have a Mad Libs-style list of the worst insults he hurls at conservative. On Wednesday, he chose "verbal terror" to smear everyone on the right who disagrees with all of the "great things" Barack Obama wants to do. The Hardball anchor opened his show by hyperbolically warning, "Political armageddon!" According to Matthews, the fight between the President and conservatives is not a conflict of ideas.

Rather, "it's a battle between a President who wants to do great things -- extend health care to the tens of millions of working people, many of them poor, ending two wars in Afghanistan" and an "almost totally negative force arrayed and barking against him, a campaign of verbal terror and negativity aimed at denying tens of millions decent health care." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

What do you call the CEO of a company that has grossly overvalued stock, a new government probe into its signature product's spotty safety record, and, most importantly whose very financial existence would be questionable at best were it not for government handouts?

If you're Fortune magazine, you call him Businessperson of the Year, and that would be Tesla Motor Company CEO Elon Musk. Here's their justification for the award, announced today:

On Thursday, CBS's Sharyl Attkisson reported on Twitter that the White House Correspondents Association, along with "dozens of associations & media outlets", sent a letter of protest to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Attkisson outlined in subsequent Tweets that the letter blasted the Obama administration for restricting the access of photojournalists at certain presidential events, "while releasing government photos and videos of the same events".

Politico's Hadas Gold posted the full text of the letter to Carney in a Thursday item, which was signed by "leading media outlets like ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, The Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Yahoo News". In the letter, the WHCA board asserted that the Obama White House's policy was a "troubling break from tradition", and hinted that it ran counter to the President's claim that his was "the most transparent administration in history":

On Wednesday's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Executive Editor Richard Wolffe credited Hillary Clinton with a "monumental effort" in "recovering from" the Bush administration's alleged mistakes as he responded to conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer's assertion that the former Secretary of State had no significant accomplishments she could point to in a presidential run. Wolffe:

State Dept-funded school says creation of Israel the real tragedy of the Holocaust.

On her radio show, Laura Ingraham ably summarized the two phases of media treatment of Obama. There was the long "Dream" phase, when we was a racial pioneer in the White House.

Now the Reality has set in, "and a lot of Democrats" are "beginning to bail on the idea of Obamacare" because Obama simply didn't pay enough attention to make sure it launched effectively. First, the Dream quote:

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan cautioned against MSNBC suspending or firing host Martin Bashir for his latest broadside against Sarah Palin, on Thursday's New Day. Cuomo actually asked if he wasn't just trying to make a "rhetorical point" rather than be "hurtful" to Palin.

Bashir had clearly stated that Palin was "the outstanding candidate" to receive a certain punishment for slaves – defecating in their mouths – for her remarks on slavery. Despite the gravitas of his words CNN gave him some benefit of the doubt while ignoring his history of vile smears of Republicans, the worst of which is documented below.

NBC News has completely censored any mention of the unfolding ObamaCare disaster for the last 72 hours. Not one word about the millions of Americans losing their health insurance nor the severe political damage that has been done to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

In that same time period, both CBS and ABC reported on major developments regarding the new law, including revelations that much of ObamaCare's infrastructure was still unfinished and that the administration knew of serious problems with the website as early as March.

On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams noted President Obama and the four former living presidents reciting the Gettysburg Address to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's historic speech, but ignored the fact that Obama omitted the phrase "under God" from his reading and refused to attend the event marking the anniversary. [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Williams made a point of declaring that project orchestrated by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns was "urging Americans to memorize and celebrate the Gettysburg Address," and emphasized: "Considering it's one of the most important speeches in American history, think about this, it was only about two minutes long, 272 words in all." Making Obama's gaffe of skipping two of those words all the more noticeable and embarrassing.