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Thursday's CNN Newsroom spotlighted how President Obama "called for promoting religious freedom – quote, 'a key part of U.S. foreign policy," at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, but glossed over his administration's controversial birth control/abortifacient mandate under ObamaCare, which is being challenged in an ongoing Supreme Court case. The cable network still stood out, however, as none of the Big Three networks aired reports on Obama's speech.

John King zeroed in on the President's "very moving tribute to the Americans held in prison in North Korea and in Iran because of their faith-based beliefs." Instead of mentioning the HHS mandate, anchor Carol Costello played up the Democrat's encounter with a conservative politician as a supposed glimmer of hope for bipartisanship: [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

Left wingers have claimed for decades that American foreign policy revolves around a central tenet -- the willingness to go to war over oil. Based on widening divisions among liberals over the Keystone pipeline, it appears that some on the left are similarly inclined.

First came Ed Schultz on "The Ed Show" Wednesday night defending himself from an onslaught of Twitter fury in response to his support for the project, followed by Schultz jousting with two liberals who oppose it, Joe Romm of and Josh Fox, producer of the fraudulent pseudo-documentary "Gasland." (Audio clips after the jump)

A cyber security expert featured on the February 4 NBC Nightly News is alleging that producers edited the story in such a way as to sensationalize the threat that tourists at the Olympic Games in Sochi face from hackers.

Hadas Gold of Politico has the story in a piece at the paper's On Media blog:

To the liberal media, there is nothing sweeter than a Republican who attacks other Republicans. And ever since he left the George W. Bush administration, former Secretary of State Colin Powell has been willing to do just that, loudly and publicly.

Powell appeared on Friday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC to discuss education, but Mitchell eventually steered the conversation in a juicier direction. She asked about Powell’s past criticism of his own party: “You've been quoted -- you said that there's a dark vein of intolerance in your Republican Party.”  Powell took that as an opportunity to rip the GOP as racist and xenophobic:

As Sarah Jean Seman at adroitly points out: “The 2.5 million workers that will be driven out of the workforce due to Obamacare is actually 'a liberating result of the law,' in the eyes of The New York Times.”

Seman went on to quote what perhaps is the most absurd, twisted logic in the entire February 5 editorial by the Times:

On Friday, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell gave left-wing environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a platform to denounce the Keystone Pipeline. Kennedy ranted: "The people who are promoting this are the Koch brothers, who spent $2 million trying to hurt him [Obama], the Tea Party people in Congress, and the Republicans who have been trying to block every part of his agenda. There's nobody who traditionally supported him or traditionally supported the interests of children or the environment or democratic civilization as we – you know, at our highest ideals, that wants this thing to happen. It's a catastrophe, and he needs to use his power to say – just say no." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Mitchell's response to that outrageous pronouncement: "Robert Kennedy Jr., thank you very much. An impassioned plea against the pipeline."

For the second month in a row, the jobs report was a major disappointment. The January jobs report, released Feb. 7 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), showed only 113,000 jobs added, falling far short of the more than 180,000 expected. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.6 percent.

The miniscule revision of 1,000 jobs to the December report compounded the shock. Many had dismissed the December report of 74,000 jobs added claiming it would be revised upwards with this report. (video after break)

Liberal columnist Paul Krugman ludicrously blamed the press for "malpractice" in reporting that ObamaCare would cut two million full-time  jobs. Krugman made his remarks on Thursday night's Colbert Report.

"I see a lot of media malpractice, because a lot of the news orgs got it wrong. The CBO did not say that," Krugman responded to host Stephen Colbert's claim that "2.5 million people fewer will have jobs by 2021." [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

In yet another bizarre and extra-constitutional twist in the saga of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, a clearly sympathetic Associated Press — that's why I call it the Administration's Press — is reporting that the Obama administration is considering a three-year delay in demanding that health insurance companies drop so-called "substandard" or "junk" individual policies.

But that's not how the AP's Tom Murphy is framing the clearly leaked proposed move. You won't find the word "delay" in his entire story, which is a why a friend of mine who tried to find something about it online and couldn't thought that only Fox News was reporting it. No-no-no. The AP only describes the move as an "extension" which would take the pesky problem of arbitrarily cancelled individual policies off the table until — imagine that — after the 2016 elections (HT American Thinker via Free Republic; bolds are mine):

Friday’s New York Times led off the National section on A-11 with Campbell Robertson’s story “Taking Stand, Nagin Defends Acts as Mayor of New Orleans.” But the entire article on the Democrat’s corruption trial unspooled for 931 words without the word “Democrat.” Jurors have heard how Nagin enriched himself from contractors rebuilding the city after Hurricane Katrina.

The Times also couldn’t manage the party ID on January 31 in a 787-word Robertson story headlined “Prosecutors Lay Out List of Ex-Mayor’s Schemes.” There was no party ID for Nagin as his corruption trial discussed in a February 2 Robertson story on current Mayor Mitch Landrieu being re-elected.

The spokeswoman who helped circle the wagons for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of Benghazi recently found herself in a fresh controversy over a leaked phone conversation in which she exclaimed "F**k the EU!" in reference to the European Union's stake in negotiations regarding internal strife in Ukraine.

So naturally in reporting the matter, the Washington Post buried the story on page A7, slapping it with a yawn-inducing headline: "U.S. official apologizes for blunt remark."* What's more, diplomatic correspondent and veteran Hillary Clinton cheerleader Anne Gearan completely left out any reference to Nuland's controversial role in the Benghazi coverup (excerpt below; emphasis mine):

In an interview with Vice President Biden that aired on Friday's New Day, CNN's Kate Bolduan brought up Corvettes but completely ignored ObamaCare and the IRS scandal.

Bolduan asked about Biden's new jobs task force, immigration reform (which only 6 percent of the public sees as their top priority), Corvettes, and Biden's presidential aspirations. Her toughest question was about Senate Democrats seeking re-election who don't want President Obama campaigning in their state.


Returning to The View seven years after departing in an angry, liberal tirade, Rosie O'Donnell sat down with Barbara Walters and some of her former colleagues on Friday. Updating everyone on life since the show, she revealed that Parker, her now 18-year-old son, will be attending the Citadel. The 9/11 truther snapped, "...How do you annoy your left-wing liberal pacifist mother? You become a big military man." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

O'Donnell admitted she interrogated her son as to why he made such a decision and he responded, "Only in America, mom, could somebody like you who came from a horrible childhood, grow up and adopt kids like me who needed a family and I owe something to this country." In her typically loud tone, O'Donnell mock screamed, "No, my son. You owe something to me!"

As a proud Texas Democrat--OK, as a proud conservative blogger living in Texas--I am subscribed to the email list for Wendy Davis' campaign for governor.  I received the campaign's latest missive this morning, from campaign manager Karin Johanson.

The email was entitled "What Karl Rove said about Wendy."  Can't fault the fundraising strategy behind the headline.  Include the name of the left's favorite Texas bogeyman.  Check.  Suggest lurid details designed to lure the reader in.  Check.  There was just one problem: the message never states "what Karl Rove said about Wendy."  It claims that Rove is "attacking her," that he's part of an effort "to drag Wendy through the mud," that Rove "doesn't care" about women's stories. And of course the email asks for $$ to help fight these "attacks."  But when it comes to stating "what Rove said"?  Nada!  View the email and more after the jump.

The Olympics you don’t want to watch.