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By Clay Waters | | September 5, 2016 | 2:20 PM EDT

The front of the New York Times Sunday Styles section featured a novelty: One of the paper’s political reporters interviewing that noted expert Cher: “Campaign Sighting: It’s Cher – She is going all out for Hillary Clinton, and her Twitter followers are along for the ride.” From the tone it was clear that NYT’s Jeremy Peters was talking both to a rabid Trump-hating Clinton supporter, and a personal heroine: Last month, at a rally for Hillary Clinton, Cher colorfully compared Donald Trump to Hitler and Stalin as fellow “despots.” But Peters ignored that dark link to Hitler in favor of reminiscing about the time he dressed up as Cher for a school talent show. He also celebrated a young Cher trashing her own family’s Republican campaign signs and hailed her present “reputation as one of the more effective and entertaining Trump neutralizers on Twitter.”

By Brad Wilmouth | | September 5, 2016 | 12:22 PM EDT

On CBS This Morning on Monday, at the end of a report recalling the notes the FBI released which document that Hillary Clinton claimed not to know that "(C)" markings in her emails indicated classified information at the level of "confidential," CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes misleadingly gave the impression that confidential emails are not classified as she made a point of correcting Donald Trump for mis-stating that the "(C)" stood for "classified."

By Melissa Mullins | | September 5, 2016 | 11:29 AM EDT

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for jokes of all stripes to arise whenever Anthony Weiner found himself caught up in another sexting scandal – much to the embarrassment of his wife and Hillary Clinton top aide, Huma Abedin. However, since Abedin finally left her cheating husband, people seem to be much more sensitive to them, including liberal Senator Al Franken (Minn.).


By Tim Graham | | September 5, 2016 | 8:26 AM EDT

Longtime National Public Radio star Garrison Keillor just finished four decades on state-subsidized radio on A Prairie Home Companion. For almost that long, he's been an easy example of a pretentious liberal snob, precisely the kind who seriously loathes a Donald Trump. If NPR ever wanted to wonder why they haven't been granted a Trump interview, it's because he knows NPR is an elite liberal sandbox for people who congratulate themselves on their marvelous taste and mental acuity.

So when Keillor penned an acidulous character assassination of Trump for the Chicago Tribune, the liberals were very pleased.

By Tom Blumer | | September 4, 2016 | 11:55 PM EDT

In the Catholic Church since 2003, Mother Teresa was formally considered Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Sunday, Pope Francis canonized her as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Two outlets in particular have recently given voice to those who stridently take exception to what virtually the entire world recognizes as her noble life and works. On Thursday, the Washington Post chose to run a slightly updated version of an item ("Why Mother Teresa is still no saint to many of her critics") originally published in December of last year. The really disgraceful work came out of CNN Sunday morning, where the headline described her as a "troubled individual." 

By Brad Wilmouth | | September 4, 2016 | 10:36 PM EDT

In a pre-recorded interview with Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence which aired on Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC, host Chuck Todd oddly wondered why Donald Trump's plan to restrict immigration from selected countries "compromised by terrorism" should be considered "constitutional," even though the new plan tries to alleviate previous complaints by not making religion the determining factor in restrictions.

By Tom Johnson | | September 4, 2016 | 8:20 PM EDT

At the Democratic convention, Bill Clinton accused Republicans of fabricating a “cartoon alternative” to the real Hillary Clinton. The Washington Monthly’s Martin Longman claims that Democrats don’t need to create cartoon versions of conservatives since there’s already “something cartoonish about the right,” and in that regard Donald Trump “seems like a natural successor” to Sarah Palin and (wait for it) Ronald Reagan and (wait again) Dwight Eisenhower. Conservatism, concluded Longman, has “always been a charade. It’s also a cloak or a mask for selfishness and greed that they gussy up in Bill Buckley style and sell us as intellectualism."

By Clay Waters | | September 4, 2016 | 7:59 PM EDT

The New York Times is spending its Labor Day holiday plotting the Democratic takeover of Congress and the overthrow of "far-right conservatives." The Sunday Review devoted its entire front page and two inside pages (three out of the section’s ten pages) for “Getting America Back In Gear,” consisting of two essays by two liberals devoted to strategizing how Democrats can take over the House of Representatives in November, while mitigating the “far-right” Republicans already there.

By Nicholas Fondacaro | | September 4, 2016 | 6:49 PM EDT

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who was swift to condemn Republican concerns of voter fraud, was equally as fast at accusing them of plotting to steal the election. Reid’s concern centered on a computer system called CrossCheck which was developed to find duplicate names on the voter rolls so they can be removed. But Reid and her guest Rolling Stone writer Greg Palast, who brought the issue to her attention, accuse the system of targeting minorities. “The system disproportionality targets voters of color who are likely to have common surnames, like Washington or Hernandez,” Reid stated. 

By Jack Coleman | | September 4, 2016 | 6:32 PM EDT

Even by the fluid ethics of a liberal pol, this was brazen, and repeated for obvious emphasis. Appearing on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos this morning, Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine did what he could to limit damage from last week's release of FBI notes from the agency's "interview" with Hillary Clinton over her scofflaw decision to use private, unsecured (and hence inherently vulnerable) email servers while she was secretary of state.

By Tim Graham | | September 4, 2016 | 5:19 PM EDT


Now that Abedin's Islam has taken a back seat and she's dumped the husband, People again carried Huma's water in the last magazine, a little hidden on page 62. They reported she began referring to Weiner as “Jordan’s dad” rather than “Anthony,” and she has stopped wearing her wedding and engagement rings. Why did she stay as long as she did? “Huma has a very strong moral character,” a friend announced.

By Mike Ciandella | | September 4, 2016 | 3:01 PM EDT

Never say they aren’t consistent. As per usual, during 2016 the media ignore Democratic scandals while hyping Republican scandals. Between the three of them, the evening shows of ABC, CBS and NBC spent a combined 6 minutes, 56 seconds on the LePage controversy, just in the month of August. For contrast, here are some Democratic scandals that they neglected to cover:

By Nicholas Fondacaro | | September 4, 2016 | 2:47 PM EDT

On his Sunday show Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter brought out a panel made up a proverbial who’s who of Donald Trump opponents to whine about how the media are being “unfair” to Hillary Clinton and going easy on Trump. “All year long, I have been hearing one very specific description of the election coverage,” Stelter stated to start off the first segment, “No, it's not bias, but it's close, it's false equivalents.” Guest Jacob Weisberg of Slate soon described Hillary v Trump as "an apple and some rancid meat.”

By Tom Blumer | | September 4, 2016 | 10:27 AM EDT

Imagine if 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had spent almost all of his campaigning efforts hobnobbing with rich donors to the virtual exclusion of public appearances. The press would have mercilessly pounded him for fitting the "they only care about the one percent" GOP stereotype.

The New York Times has noticed that 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been doing exactly what would subject any Republican presidential candidate to withering criticism. Saturday evening, in a story which appeared in on the front page of Sunday's print edition, reporters Amy Chozick and Jonathan Martin desperately tried damage control, while perhaps sending a warning to Team Clinton that, with the polls tightening, they need to get their candidate out more.

By Nicholas Fondacaro | | September 4, 2016 | 10:22 AM EDT

CNN was earning its moniker as the Clinton News Network during their morning show New Day Sunday. For the first political segment of the day, host Victor Blackwell wanted to talk about Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence’s unreleased tax returns. Even though the segment was introduced as such and the chyron indicated they would be talking about Pence all attention was put on Donald Trump’s transparency, while mentions of Hillary Clinton’s were shutdown by Blackwell.