Behar Suggests Waterboarding Alleged Holocaust Shooter

Joy Behar apparently has a thing for waterboarding and conservatives. ABC’s “View” co-host interrupted a serious June 11 discussion about hate crimes in America, with talk of, well, more waterboarding. In this case, the suspect in the Holocaust museum shooting.

 “You know they say he’s the lone gun man he’s acted alone and everything…but do you think that Cheney should have him waterboarded to see if there’s anybody behind this?”

The reaction of the crowd was mostly silence, with a splatter of awkward laughs.

After a loaded pause, co-host Elizabeth Hasselback was so taken aback that she quickly said “Here’s what I think should happen – on a more serious note, ’cause I can’t even address that…”

It is hard to determine what Behar was trying for – political commentary, humor, or something else, since she did not laugh or smile it off. Instead she just muttered “Just wondering.”

This is the second time Behar used waterboarding for kicks on “The View”. The first was in reference to baptism resembling the enhanced interrogation technique. There were few laughs that time, as well.

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