Newsweek Map Labels Israel as 'Palestinian Territory'

Update (14:20 EST): Newsweek has now corrected the graphic, showing the West Bank and Gaza Strip in red with Israel in gray.

I don't know if Newsweek is as eager to be rid of Israel as "The State of Islam" is these days or not, but on its interactive online map of the mid east, the news mag is featuring a map of Israel labeled as "Palestinian Territory."

Once you click over to the Newsweek map, holding the mouse over the tiny red shape north of Egypt will bring up a popup map showing Israel clearly labeled as "Palestinian Territory."

Here is a screen shot of the current map on Newsweek's site:

Of course, we all know that to be the shape of Israel, not any "Palestinian Territory"... unless you happen to be looking in Jihadi textbooks and online sites, of course. Perhaps Newsweek hired some nice Jihadis to create its website?

Nice move, Newsweek. Really trustworthy work, there.

(H/T via Avid Editor and thanks NewsBuster reader DMartyr)

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