LATimes Prints Hamas Terrorist's Op Ed

Amazingly, on January 6, the L. A. Times gave ample space to a Hamas terrorist to "explain" how the current Gaza action is all Israel's fault. Mousa Abu Marzook the purported "deputy of the political bureau of Hamas," the group called an "Islamic Resistance Movement," shamefacedly claims that Israel's actions shattered "any incentive by Palestinian leaders to enforce the moratorium on rocket fire."

First of all, these Palestinian "leaders" have for the last seven years now expended little effort to stop the incessant rocket fire into Israel to which he so blithely refers. So I don't know who this Marzook fellow is trying to kid? I suppose he's trying to kid the L.A.Times and it seems they have fallen for it.

The truce thus shattered, any incentive by Palestinian leaders to enforce the moratorium on rocket fire was gone. Any extension of the agreement or improvement of its implementation at that point would have required Israel to engage Hamas, to agree to additional trust-building measures and negotiation with our movement -- a political impossibility for Israel, with its own elections only weeks away.

Israel has been trying to engage in "trust-building" with the various and sundry Palestinian groups for decades. It is the Palestinians that have steadfastly maintained that Israel has no right to even exist. How is it that "trust-building" can occur when one side simply wants the other dead?

This so-called deputy of the political bureau of the terror agency Hamas engages in one lie after another in this piece. He peels off one after another accusations of Israel's culpability after each excuse for his own people's failures.

But, perhaps no lie is bigger than this paragraph:

This week's war is not an attack on the Izzidin al-Qassam units -- our movement's military wing -- but is simply aggression targeting the people, infrastructure and economic life of Gaza, designed to sow terror and loose anarchy; it aims to establish new "facts on the ground" -- that is, heaps of rubble with bodies trapped beneath -- in advance of the coming American administration.

Wow, just wow. The lies piled on lies here is breathtaking.

In fact, there are so many distortions and lies in this thing it is impossible to critique each of them in turn. It would take reams of discussion and many hundreds of links to various news reports refute each of them. But that has been the Palestinian way, hasn't it? Present so many bold faced lies that your opponent simply tires of the argument.

The sad thing is that the L.A.Times has treated this terror agency as a legitimate voice among the nations of the world.

Thanks L.A.Times for giving terrorists the legitimacy they crave.

(Image credit: L.A.Times)

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