Orlando Sentinel Invents New Anti-Gun Attack: 'Disposable AK-47s'

It isn't every day that gun grabbers can invent a whole new catch phrase to use against our Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment, but the Orlando Sentinel is giving it the old college try just the same. Sentinel staff writer Henry Pierson Curtis extrapolates "an alarming trend" that he is calling "disposable AK-47s" out of the words of a Florida police officer. So, now we have a new worry that the gun grabbers can use to scare people into accepting the destruction of our Constitutional rights.

Using an incident in Orlando to drum up their newest gun grabbing meme, the Sentinel tells the tale of some criminals that perpetrated a double killing and then ran from the scene abandoning two AK-47s, two handguns and a shotgun behind them. The Sentinel warps a quote from an Orlando Detective into the new catch phrase.

"They just disposed of them like disposable cigarette lighters, I guess, because they're so easy to get," sheriff's homicide Detective Dave Clark said Friday. "I mean, it's really unusual for people to leave stuff like this behind."

So, from the casually exclaimed term "disposable cigarette lighters" the Sentinel gets the new fear of "disposable AK-47s." One pair of murderous scumbags leaving behind their arsenal as they flee from the scene and suddenly we have "disposable AK-47s." Amazing leap, isn't it?

In fact, there isn't a thing in the rest of the story that supports this disposable AK-47s conclusion that the Sentinel is pushing. The police never say that they are finding these guns strewn about at crime scenes, nor do they even hint at the concept of a disposable AK-47. It is a complete fabrication based on an off-handed comment by a policeman.

One wonders how Detective Clark likes the fact that his comments have been used to create a brand new -- yet fake -- criminal modus operandi?