Chgo Sun-Times: Violent White Men 'Not Held Accountable for Their Actions'

Did you know that violent white men are never arrested for their actions? The Chicago Sun-Times' Mary Mitchell is sure of it, if you aren't. In another of her typically race baiting articles, Mitchell this time says that any time a white man is engaged in violent behavior, he is let off "to go on his merry way," never to be "held accountable" for his actions. Race monger Mitchell is sure of this, see, because she saw a traffic scuffle between two "old white guys" where no arrests were made by Chicago police.

Two "old white guys" let go without arrest after a traffic altercation? Wow, case closed, racism exists, eh?

Mitchell claims she saw a traffic altercation where one white guy jumped from his car and verbally abused another white man in the car behind him. The Chicago police were called and, in the end, both drivers were told to "go on their merry way," as Mitchell put it. No arrests were made. Then again, no real violence occurred, either.

Mitchell claims she and other witnesses were stunned.

Then, things fall apart. Honda is back in the car and drives away. What? We witnesses don’t understand. Shouldn’t this guy remain on the scene, or be escorted to the police station? Don’t the cops need to write up some kind of report or dispense some tickets for traffic violations? (Obstructing traffic, for starters.)... Then the cuffs are taken off of Explorer and he, too, is allowed to go on his merry way. No ticket. No arrest.

The police explain to Mitchell that the man accosted did not want to press charges, so the incident was over.

But, this didn't stop Mitchell from imagining she saw racism in this incident... of course, Mitchell sees racism in everything under the sun. After explaining what she saw, Mitchell goes off on a tired-of-the-man-keeping-me-down rant that is just as silly as it is unsupported by any real facts.

Not equal justice:

This is American justice for white men. The other side of what is typically picked up by the media. Images of black and Latino men, young and old, who get yanked from their vehicles, strong-armed, handcuffed, frisked, and physically held, sometimes by the bottom of an officer’s shoe, on the street until they are loaded into a wagon and carted off to the nearest holding pen.

This is how white men are (not) held accountable for their actions. I can imagine how this whole scene would have been dealt with by authorities had the brawlers been men of color.

Not one of the cops I saw held their hand instinctively, protectively over their weapons, a hair trigger away. I suppose everyone knows that old white guys, even when they’re perps, are just not that scary.

"Justice for white men?"

Mitchell is the Sun-Times' resident race monger, a large portion of her columns seem to have been dredged up from 1956, but this one is poor even by her low standards. I mean, is she serious that this anecdotal evidence is enough to state a thing as fact? All black men would be jailed in an exactly similar incident? Apparently so.

Did Mitchell offer any statistics to buttress her wild claim? Did she show any studies or police reports? Not a one. She just made the wild leap of logic to comply with her prejudices.

Her capper is a piece of work, too.

Still, I wouldn’t take any chances. Beware of an angry white man driving a Ford Explorer, who thinks, and now knows from experience, that he is entitled to do whatever he wants whenever he wants to whomever he wants with little fear that there’ll be consequences or repercussions.

In light of this line of “reasoning,” how many black athletes can we point to where this line applies? Has there not been many a black athlete who has repeatedly broken the law on many levels but felt that he was "entitled to do whatever he wants whenever he wants to whomever he wants with little fear that there’ll be consequences or repercussions"?

Should I look at the example of black athletes and make that an excuse to say that all black men can get away with anything they want, that they are never held accountable for their actions? If not, why not?

I wonder what race-monger Mitchell would say to that?