CNN: Obama Poll Advantage Over McCain 'Enormous' ... in Europe

CNN calls this serious news, apparently, but a recent report about a Pew Research poll of "more than 24,000 people in 24 countries" shows that foreigners favor Barack Obama over John McCain for president. Aside from the general "who cares" of it all, why is it news that people who wish the United States ill will would pick the candidate most friendly to their interests to become our president? Shouldn't it be obvious that foreigners would want someone that would favor their views to become the next president of the U.S.? Who would expect a Frenchman or a Swede to pick someone that would least favor a foreigner's point of view on international politics? After all, why would a foreigner want an American president that would strongly advocate for the United States when they themselves are not Americans? Naturally, they'd gravitate to the candidate that seems to represent what Europe wants and not the candidate that would strongly advocate for the U.S.A.

And on top of that, why the heck would an American care what a foreigner thinks about U.S. elections? Yet, in theirs headlined "Poll: Image of US will 'change for the better' with Obama," here is CNN acting as if this is important and perhaps shocking news that Obama has an "enormous" polling advantage among foreigners.

(CNN)—Despite increasing economic concerns and an on-going war in Iraq, a new international poll finds a widespread belief in many countries that United States foreign policy “will change for the better" once a new administration is sworn into office, particularly if Sen. Barack Obama is elected president.

The international poll conducted by Pew Research of more than 24,000 people in 24 countries found people who have been following the U.S. elections feel more confident Obama “will do the right thing,” with regards to foreign relations than John McCain.

Golly, gee. And by "do the right thing" here we are talking about doing what is best for Europeans not what is best for Americans. After all, the poll question was not which will make a better U.S. president for the U.S. The question was which do they want as president. Since they weren't asked to put themselves in the shoes of the US population, they certainly based their answers on their own self interest, not ours.

McCain has lower ratings than Obama in every country surveyed except the U.S., where the two presumptive nominees run neck and neck.

Obama’s advantage over McCain is enormous particularly in France, Germany, and Australia, where the Illinois senator leads McCain by up to 51 percentage points.

Should we bother to remind CNN that the only place those ratings they are so concerned about matters is the U.S., the place where the actual voting occurs?

And when was the last time you ever saw a story that reported the "poll" of Americans who were asked which German candidate, or which Australian or French candidate they wanted to win the elections in those counties? Ah, there never was such a poll because it isn't our place to say. Just as it isn't a European's place to say who should be elected here.

And this last paragraph is the most egregious of them all.

Overall, there is little confidence in the United States in general among those surveyed in the Middle Eastern countries of Pakistan and Jordan. McCain has a confidence rating of 6 percent in Pakistan, while Obama garners 10 percent. "In Jordan and Egypt, more people who are following the election say they expect new leadership to change U.S. foreign policy for the worse than say they expect a change for the better," according to the survey.

Pew Research went to enemies of our country to ask which candidate they wanted for president? Why in God's name would Pew ask people, many of whom are our avowed enemies, who they want as our president? What possible use is there for this poll?

Worse, the fact that they all picked Obama should make the Obama campaign ashamed of their candidate. These people in the middle east want us dead, they want us destroyed and hobbled. If they are picking Obama to win, that means they think that between he and McCain, Obama will be the weakest, lest able of the two! They certainly aren't voting for who they think will be better for us!

Of course, what is the main purpose of this story? To denigrate McCain and to get Obama elected, naturally. What foreigners think of our candidates and elections is immaterial, it has to be said, but if CNN can show that everyone loves them some Barack, and then can use that as a club to beat down McCain, why then we are golden -- at least as far as CNN is concerned.

News? Bah, who cares if it is really news? It's all about pushing Barack Obama down the throats of the American voter by making them feel they should vote for the Obamessiah because foreigners like him. And, gosh, we DO want foreigners to like us, too, don't we?