More Sunday Funnies New Offer: 57 State Lapel Pin

A few days ago we reported that Barack Obama was ever so proud to have visited all "57 states" on his campaign swing. But, we noticed that he still avoids wearing that U.S. flag lapel pin, just the same. Well, we have finally found out why Barack Obama won't wear that darned ol' U.S. flag pin. Until now he couldn't find one with all "57 States" on it. Well, the folks over at Suitably Flip blog have solved the problem for the junior Senator from Illinois.

Just in for the 2008 campaign season is the new 57 state U.S. flag pin for all the infromationally challenged Senators on your shopping list. Barack can proudly wear his 57 state flag pin at all the great celebrations to come. Like the birthday for the state of Guam, or the celebration for the state of Harlem... you know, all those great parties he'll get invited to as the nominee for one of the two or three democratic Parties out there.

Now I only have one question for the Senator. Is this the flag of the "Damn United States" or the regular one that the rest of us live in?

For those of you who have not seen the video, here it is:

Now, the Suitably Flip bloggers gave us a list of the other 7 states, but I think they missed the boat with their choices. After all, they missed one state that the Obama's definitely visit quite often. The state of DENIAL!

And now for a hat tip you won't believe. This funny bit came to my attention through Andrew Malcolm's entry at the Los Angeles Times' Top of the Ticket blog. Yeah, I find it hard to believe they had enough of a sense of humor to throw a dig at their messiah, too.

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