Texas Pol Caught Drunk Driving: Name That Party!

Well, we've played "Name That Party" so often that it is getting to be old hat. How many times have we seen it where the MSM refuses to mention that a Democrat is the troubled politician in the news? We've also said many times that if only that criminal politician were a Republican, why we'd get the party mentioned ASAP. We say it and accept the claim as fact, but we don't often focus on examples to prove our case. Our detractors point to that and say "prove it!"

Call this one more example of proof.

It seems that Mike Krusee a REPUBLICAN State Representative from Williamson County, Texas got himself pulled over after a night of hittin' the hooch. Of course, we know he is a Republican because the MSM fell all over itself to let us know the fact. Curiously, Krusee is the same fellow who helped up the fines for drunk driving in the state house, the MSM also let us know.

In any case, what we have here is a run of the mill drunk driving case. Now, we can employ our little "Name that party" parlor game and note that if this were a drunk driving Democrat, we'd never learn from the press that he is, indeed, a Democrat. Democrat apologists would say, of course, that his party doesn't matter n this case, so why mention it?

We would wonder that too in the normal scheme of things.

On the other hand, our tippling Williamson Rep is a Republican and every single news outlet on the web that I find seemed to find it very, very important that we all become fully informed that he was a wascally Republican! It's all just another example of the double standard in applying the party affiliation in news stories. For Democrats, no mention or it's buried waaaay down in the story. For Republicans it's first up and made plain and unequivocal.

So here is how this news was reported...

Naturally the AP lets us know as quickly as possible that this drunken creep is a darned ol' Republican.

Rep. Mike Krusee of Round Rock, the Republican chairman of the House Transportation Committee, was charged with first offense driving while intoxicated late Wednesday. He is not running for re-election this year.

On the website for KXAN TV, Austin, the party made a prominent appearance at the beginning of the second paragraph:

Rep. Mike Krusee of Round Rock is the Republican chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

So does a blogger for the Austin-American Statesman paper, Isadora Vail.

State Representative Mike Krusee, R- Williamson County, was swerving between lanes in his black BMW on the frontage road of U.S. 183 Wednesday night, according to officials and an arrest affidavit.

Even Austin's Fox affiliate got into the party popping act:

State Representative Mike Krusee, R - Williamson County, was arrested Wednesday night for drunk driving in Williamson County.

As did News 8 Austin when they made sure we saw this:

Krusee is a Republican from Round Rock and the chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

Radio didn't want to be left in the dust, either. KLBJ was excited to let us know that Krusee was a Republican ner-do-well, too.

Rep. Mike Krusee, a Republican from Round Rock, was arrested Wednesday night and released Thursday morning after posting $1,000 bail.

There you have it. The MSM made a concerted to make sure we are informed that we have a rotten, drunken, slob of a Republican on our hands.

Ah, if only Mr. Krusee was a Democrat. Then we could all hoist a few to his party being successfully hidden by the lapdogs in the MSM who want not to sully the good name of the Democrat Party.

(Photo credit: statesman.com)

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