UPI, NH Dem Pull Disappearing Acts

Abracadabra seems to be the magic word - at least for one New Hampshire Democrat and United Press International (UPI).

Prosecutors in Strafford County are claiming in court papers that former congressional candidate, Gary Dodds (D-NH) staged his own car accident and faked his disappearance in 2006 in order to garner sympathy and support for his weak campaign.

In that same disappearing Dodds spirit, UPI made the vanishing politician's party affiliation disappear. Voila!

[They need to do some editorial work on their headline too. Note the misspelled headline - 'Congressianal candidate prosecuted in N.H.']

MANCHESTER, N.H., Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Prosecutors allege New Hampshire congressional candidate Gary Dodds faked a disappearance to gain publicity in his 2006 campaign.

The documents claimed he staged a car crash and disappeared for 24 hours in April 2006 because he believed it would strengthen his primary campaign for the U.S. House, WMUR-TV in Manchester, N.H., reported Monday.

Investigators said Dodds took out two mortgages on his property without his wife's knowledge to finance his failing campaign.

Dodds has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and causing an unnecessary search.

After discovering no party affiliation listed, more investigation was required. According to the website for WMUR-TV, Dodds is in fact a Democrat. Another interesting observation is the party affiliation was stashed conveniently at the end of their story.

Dodds was running for the Democratic nomination to face U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley at the time of the crash.

At least AP reporter Beverly Wang reveals the entire story and political party in the second paragraph.

Gary Dodds was vying for a Democratic Party congressional nomination when he crashed his car in April 2006 and said he wandered in a daze through the woods. He told police he crossed a river and bedded down in a pile of leaves until a rescue dog found him 27 hours later.

Isn't it mysterious how these Democrat party affiliations just vanish as magically as the rabbit in the hat trick? UPI could soon be the envy of David Copperfield.

Update: (h/t Mark Finkelstein) Here is further proof in the SeaCoast Online where no Democrat party affiliation is referenced.

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