Kos: Confident Conservatives Would Favor Liberal Voting Laws

This past Monday, Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas proclaimed that the left had "won the battle of ideas." On Wednesday, Kos followed up by claiming that even though many on the right publicly took issue with his thesis, privately conservatives understand that America as a whole has turned against them, and that they prove it by "trying to disenfranchise" Democratic-leaning groups.
From Kos's Wednesday post:

...If conservatives really thought they had public opinion on their side, they wouldn't spend so much time and effort trying to disenfranchise voters and making it harder to vote. If the public was with them, they'd be working to expand the franchise.

As a liberal, I want everyone to vote. Heck, provide voter registration cards when getting a gun license, I don't care! But conservatives know that the more people vote, the poorer they do. Indeed, the only reason they have a good chance of winning November's elections is because off-year turnout is lower than during presidential years. So as far as I'm concerned, case closed. If conservatives want to argue that the American people are behind them, that needs to be accompanied by a genuine effort to expand voter access...

...[Y]ou [conservatives] are all so popular and victorious that you should have no problem expanding the voting franchise, right? Let's do a national vote-by-mail, why don't we? Or have an expanded three-week voting period, so that no one has to worry about missing work on a Tuesday.

Let's make sure everyone can vote, so how about universal voter registration? Maybe we do an Australia and make voting mandatory? Or if you want to be less heavy handed, we make Election Day a national holiday. Sound good? You are so popular, that having so many people vote would guarantee conservative majorities forever!