Apathy or Mayhem? Ultraliberal Daily Kos Boss Asks What's Ahead for Conservatives

Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas blogged twice this past Wednesday.

In the morning, Kos argued that as electoral defeats mount for increasingly frustrated right-wingers, they'll eventually have to choose between violent fantasies and actual violence (emphasis added):

The entire conservative mindset is encapsulated in...the sense that everything has gone to shit, but people stick with Democrats because they're takers while conservatives are makers, and that if it continues much longer...violence!...

That whole "makers" vs "takers" was the basis of Mitt Romney's 47 percent nonsense. And it's...not good white people doing the taking, you know?

But that comment also hints at the desperation and resignation coursing through today's conservatives: The notion that they've lost the battle...They want to believe [that 2008 and 2012] were anomalies, but they know better. Once Virginia goes Blue, bucking a 40-year trend in which the party in the White House lost the governor's race, it'll confirm their worst fears. They will have lost the country and 2014 will only ratify the nation's new direction.

Thus, the final appeal to violence—because if democracy fails them, then what is left? The question will be whether that violence will remain a fantasy as they politically disengage, or whether they'll begin to act on it.

Then, that afternoon, Moulitsas further lowered the tone of public discourse, directing an obscenity at Republicans, especially one Virginia state legislator (emphasis added in last paragraph):

We may be a patently partisan group of folks here at Daily Kos, but we're well within the mainstream of the American people in hating the GOP. And in a week, Virginia gets first whack at taking out Republicans...like Bush-era super villain and now-Virginia Del. Barbara Comstock:

“Unlike my opponent, I would not vote for transvaginal ultrasounds, especially not for rape victims,” [Daily Kos-endorsed Democrat Kathleen] Murphy said at one point, referring to a proposal that would have required women considering an abortion to undergo the invasive procedure. Comstock guffawed and said Murphy distorted her record on women’s health issues.

Ha ha ha! Transvaginal probes are hilarious! Fuck [Comstock]. Seriously, fuck her. And all her friends...

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