Go for the Gold: Daily Kos Engages in World-Class Righty-Bashing

Each week, the Daily Kos gang unwittingly takes part in a contest to determine which of them can most outrageously smear conservative Republicans. Below are the latest bronze, silver, and gold medalists.  
--The bronze goes to Laura Clawson, who on Thursday alleged anti-Latino racism from:

House Republicans [who] held a big closed-door meeting Wednesday to discuss what they were going to do about immigration reform...The bottom line was a given: House Republicans don't like brown people... (emphasis added)

--Jed Lewison takes the silver for his Friday claim that GOPers not only despise illegal immigrants and food-stamp recipients, but also view them as subhuman:

...It's not a comforting thought that one of the two major parties refuses to treat the people in this country like human beings, but it's the truth. This isn't just an empathy gap anymore. This is an antipathy gap. And the antipathy is coming from one side, the Republican side, towards a big chunk of this country's residents.

--And our gold-medal winner is "chaunceydevega," who argued on Tuesday that while small-government Republicans might not themselves murder a black person, they'd consider watching someone else do it both entertaining and educational:

...[George] Zimmerman's supporters and the Tea Party GOP racial reactionaries would probably not commit the personal act of murder at a spectacular lynching. However, they would cheer it on, buy souvenirs, and make sure that their kids and grand kids are in attendance to learn the lessons of Whiteness as an identity predicated on domination and authority over the Other...