Not Civil: Daily Kos Blogger/OWS Spokesman Blasts GOP as 'Psychotic Cult'

Jesse LaGreca became a minor celebrity in the fall of 2011 thanks to his TV appearances on behalf of Occupy Wall Street. (You may remember him for his cap, a Union Army kepi that made him look like a one-man Civil War reenactment.)

LaGreca is a longtime blogger for Daily Kos under the byline "MinistryOfTruth," and this past Wednesday he loosed another of his rants, this one declaring that while he used to merely despise what the GOP stood for, he now hates Republicans themselves and thinks the party is a "psychotic cult."

In fact, "MinistryOfTruth" declares, there's not a problem in this country that can't be blamed on the racist GOP:

...EVERYTHING that is wrong with America starts with the Republican party, who have been strip-mining the middle class and blaming it on black people since Lee Atwater.

And as your cult of die hard FoxNews consumers gets smaller and smaller...I want you to know that America is a LIBERAL country and YOU made it that way with your extremism...America isn't here for you to masturbate over your Fox News funhouse version of GOPJesus in the public square. A party that demands less health care, less food for the hungry, more hate, more racism and discrimination, that isn't the party of Jesus, it's the party for a Corporate Anti-Christ, and that is what your cruel and bizarre cult of know-nothing dittoheads has devolved into, and there is nothing the Supreme Court can do to reverse the fact that you the GOP has become a psychotic cult of white people who can't cope with Obama's America...

He claims that he's only reciprocating GOPers' rage against him and his kind (emphasis his):

...I hate the Republican party because the Republican party hates me, they hate my friends, they hate my ability to vote against them, they don't want me to earn a decent wage or have health care for my children and they want to take more cops off the street and put more George Zimmerman's on the street...As far as I am concerned the Republican Party is a corporate fascist cult based on racism, white privilege and sexual frustration who all suffer from the gum disease known as GIN-GI-VITIS. The only thing difference [sic] between the Confederacy and the GOP is that Robert E. Lee didn't have as many twitter followers as Sarah Palin...

"MinistryOfTruth" opines, "The faster your backwards party dies of old age the better it will be for America," and concludes with a shout-out of sorts to Rupert Murdoch: "In short, f--k all of you and the Australian Billionaire you rode in on."

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson is a contributing writer for NewsBusters