KosKooks Zap-pa Reagan's Berlin Wall Legacy

Earlier this week, a blogger argued that inspiring words from a famous Californian had much to do with the eventual dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Since the blogger was writing for Daily Kos, however, it's unsurprising that the Golden Stater he had in mind was not Ronald Reagan, but rather musician-composer Frank Zappa. 

The Kossack who goes by "toncuz" devoted most of his piece to trashing Reagan's presidency, claiming that Reagan turned America over to "corporate fascists" and further griping that conservatives have "completely 'white-washed' [Reagan's] legacy" to such an extent that they've "completely bamboozled so-called progressive journalists and so-called historians...Progressives must stop coddling Reagan as the 'better' Republican just because so many of today’s Republicans truly sound like escaped mental patients. Reagan was no better."  Then, towards the end of the post, "toncuz" declares:

...The fact is…it was not “tear down this wall” that influenced the Soviets. The real words were “tear down that wall”. And in fact were uttered by Frank Zappa to the Kremlin when they asked him what to do to improve their image. Zappa was well known for his anti-authoritarianism in Communist countries as well as his stance against the corporate fascist cabal in the West with it’s own version of central planning that now completely resembles the Soviet version.

Frank Zappa was a cultural icon across Eastern Europe at the time and widely respected by their youth and academia...There are more statues of Frank Zappa in Eastern Europe then the ones sent by American conservatives to inflate Reagan’s mythical “contribution”...

"toncuz" likens Reagan's role in the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe to a "ninth inning relief pitcher who walked on the mound as his team was winning ten to zero."

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