For Daily Kos's Hunter, Conservatives Are Always in Season

A few of the featured writers at Daily Kos are, in effect, beat reporters. One such writer, Hunter, tends to post on the alleged nuttiness of right-wingers. Earlier this year, the site even sent Hunter to cover CPAC, from which he delivered copious unfair and unbalanced blogging.
This past Wednesday, Hunter, apropos of President Obama's follow-up visit to superstorm-damaged New Jersey, first expressed bafflement as to why those crazy conservatives are so irritated with the state's Republican governor, Chris Christie:

I'm still not quite able to parse out what it is, exactly, that...Christie and...Obama have been doing that has much of the hard-right dousing themselves in gasoline and lighting themselves on fire. In the wake of a particularly devastating hurricane in Christie's state, they met together?... Or is it that Christie did not personally punch the president on first meeting him, or is it the even more profound insult of Christie agreeing that people in his state affected by the storm really could use some damn help...? I don't know. I don't know because, and this is the key point, I am not freaking insane...

Hunter then put his finger on what he thinks really bugs righties about Christie, whom he says is

for the most part a loyal conservative foot soldier...But he hosted the president when a disaster struck the state, and that's just not done...It smacks too much of the premise that the government might really have an obligation to help people, or provides too much acknowledgement of the government existing and doing things at all. That thought puts a whole hurricane's worth of sand down the movement's collective pants...

In another Wednesday post, Hunter identified E.W. Jackson, the Virginia GOP's nominee for lieutenant governor, as

a fine example of how very devoted the current conservative movement is to elevating bats--t crazy people as their leaders. He may be, in fact, the very finest example ever—but we would have to really ponder on that a while, rather than just bestowing the title to him outright, and that is itself testament to the remarkable depth of the conservative bats--t crazy lineup. There are a lot of top-notch lunatics in that bullpen...

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson is a contributing writer for NewsBusters